Friday & the Weekend

Friday & the Weekend

Friday & the Weekend

It’s been an awesome summer – and that brings us to our final Max Out Friday!

We are 75% to our capacity for our 11 week Barbell Strength: Integrated Gymnastics Cycle.

-This program helps anyone who wants to get stronger in a short period of time more comfortable with the basic barbell movements and crush their old PR’s!

We’re also starting our 2 brand new Specialty courses in September!

-Row Like a MoFo on the 2nd Sunday of each month [11am-12pm]

-The ‘Skillz’ class on the 3rd Sunday of each month [11am-12pm]

Both of these awesome new classes are included in your regular membership [they just count as regular training sessions] and are at no additional charge!

Finally – we have 9 or 10 teams [some are on the waitlist] for the Saturday Sept 20 ‘Dynamic Duo’ partner competition!

-To get everyone ready we’re having TEAM High Voltage training every Saturday at 1pm-3pm to make sure we’re all able to give our Full Effort!

-Mark your calendars we’d love to have you out to support!

Finally we are CLOSED on Monday in observance of Labor Day. Enjoy some r&r with your family and let’s get ready to make the fall as great as the summer was.


Friday’s Training:

We’ve made a combo of some of the most popular ‘max out Friday’ movements from the summer.


6 stations: for max reps/time at each.

3 min on 3 min off rotate through in order but start at any station

1. Dips/Push Ups

Fitness: Hand Release Push Ups
Performance: Static Dips
Sport: Ring DIps2. L-Sit: Cumulative Time

Fitness: Tucked

Performance: Legs straight

Sport: Legs straight on rings [legs must be at 90 degrees]

3. Deadlift [for reps – up and down]

Fitness: scaled/kb

Performance: 225/155

Sport: 275/185

4. Double Unders

Fitness: Rope Passes

P/S: Doube Unders

5. Wall Ball

Fitness: Scaled as needed

P: 20/14

S: 30/20

6. Row for Cal