The High Voltage Weekly! Sept 1-6

The High Voltage Weekly! Sept 1-6

The High Voltage Weekly! Sept 1-6

Hey Volts & Vixens…it’s the start of September!

And that means it’s time for the High Voltage Weekly!

1. This Saturday starts the 11 week Barbell Strength; Integrated Gymnastics Cycle. 

If you’re looking to improve your technique around the barbell increase your strength and get better at bodyweight movements…

this…this is the jumpstart you’re looking for! M/W: 730pm Sat 11am.

We are 75% full so if you want in – email me at

2. Our monthly ‘Vixens’ class is ON this Sunday at 9am. 

This class is open to every lady in the High Voltage Community…

It’s a tough workout with some tough…and awesome women. If you haven’t..come by & check it out!

This is a class we’ve had now for 4 years…and it’s included in every woman’s membership at High Voltage.

3. TEAM High Voltage is ON this Saturday at 1pm. 

Thank you to Coach Dan for a great session last Saturday.

This Saturday is Coach House’s turn!

We have 9 or 10 teams [depends on waitlist] for the NLI’s Dynamic Duo on Sat Sept 20 in Long Beach!

We’re training hard and ready rep the gym our hardest!

4. Next Sunday and every second Sunday of the month we’ll be having our monthly ‘Row Like a MoFo’ class. 

Our resident Rowing Coach Jeff will be leading the class. If you’re looking to get better at your technique increase your aerobic capacity not cry quite so hard during

‘Jackie’ & other WOD’s with rowing or just be an all around better CrossFitter…be there at 11am after The Energizer [Long WOD].

No additional cost it’s a part of your regular super awesome membership.

5. The Sunday Skills class with Coach Dan & Coach House is also coming up!

We ‘may’ move it to the 4th Sunday for this month because of the competition…but it’s going to be set for the 3rd Sunday of every month at 11am [after the Energizer] after that! Stay tuned…a lot of you have been asking for this and we’re really excited to have another one-of-a-kind class at the box for you!

6. Ready to get even more ripped? Lots of requests for this after the success of our last 24 Day Challenge so we’re putting the final touches on a Fall weight-loss challenge right now. Stay tuned….



Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]
Pre-Skill: Strict Pull Ups
Skill: Back Squat; 3×10; 31×1

WOD: 3 rounds for max reps
Rest 1 min after all 4 stations are complete
-KB Goblet Squat
-Sit Ups

A1. Back Squat x10 reps rest 30 seconds working up in weight
Fitness: 21×0 tempo
P/S: No tempo move the bar quickly & work kup
A2. 20 seconds AMRAP pull ups rest 1 min
Fitness: Ring Rows; 1010 tempo
Performance: Chin over bar
Sport: CtB

B. Alternating Tabata max reps combined. Rotate during break
[8 sets total – for 24 tabata intervals – takes 12 min]
1. OHS
[fitness: Empty bar or kb front squat]
P: 96/65
S: 135/95
2. Burpees 

3. DB Hang Clean + Push Press

Fitness: DB Push Press
P/S: 2 DB Hang Clean & Push Press/Shoulder to overhead

CrossFit Football [5:30am]

Strength: Back Squat: 3×5 working up in weight
Accessory Strength: Weighted Dip 3×5 +5#

WOD: Alternating tabata total reps [16 sets of tabata]
-Slam ball [heavy]