Wednesday & Thursday; Sept 3 &4

Wednesday & Thursday; Sept 3 &4

Wednesday & Thursday; Sept 3 &4

-It starts this Saturday….

Are you someone who wants to get better squats Strict Press Bench Press and Deadlift technique? 

All while improving your gymnastic handstands pistols and ring pulls? 

Then the Barbell Strength course that starts this Saturday is right up your alley!

M/W 7:30pm S: 11am. Email tim@crossfithighvoltage.coom to see if we have any spaces left.


Wednesday’s Training:


A. Power Clean: Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes
F: Hang Power Clean x3 reps
P: One Rep working up to a heavy single
S: One Rep working up to a heavy single

B. 3 rounds for time
200m run
-Double Unders [Fitness x100 single unders]
P: 40x Double Unders
S: 60x Double Unders
-20x Russian KB Swings [minimize overhead/shoulder output – go heavier + more turnover/metabolic]
-50m single arm farmers walk out 50m back [same kb# as swings]

MAP; 7:30am & 6:30pm
One set every 3 min for 27 min [do each one 3x – rotate through] –
Basically finish a round then remaining time is rest to rotate
Set 1; Run 200m 12x KB Swings30x Double Unders [adv = 50x]
Set 2; Row 250m 12x Slam Ball 15x Wall Ball
Set 3; Farmers Walk x100m [single arm – 50m out 50m back] 12x burpees 15x Toes to Bar/Sit Ups

And Thursday:

Fitness Only: [6:30pm]
pre-skill: Dips; 3×5 partner assisted
Skill: Deadlift; sets of 8-10 reps; 2020 tempo
WOD: In teams of 2;
12 min AMRAP
10x Deadlift
15x Push Ups
25x Air Squats

F/P/S: [note: Firebreathers is at 4:30pm & requires a test in]
Alternating EMOM; 12 min [each station 4x]
A1. Deadlift x8; 2020 [all]
A2. GHD Sit Ups

Fitness: Regular sit ups x15

P: 10-12

S: 12-15
A3: Walking Lunge: x6 steps each leg
Fitness; KB Walking Lunge
P/S: 2KB Front Rack walking lunge

then B; 4 rounds; max reps per station [start at worst station all rest at same time]

3 stations 30 seconds per station; rest the final 30 seconds [4th station]

1. Hand Release Push Ups/Dips

2. Burpee Box Jump Over

Fitness: Jump over hurdle

P: 24/20″ S: 30/24″

3. Single Leg Squat

Fitness: Lunges/Striders

P/S: Pistols or assisted as needed or striders


CFFB [5:30am]
Strength; Deadlift: 3×5 +5# working up in weight
Accessory Strength: Strict Press 3×5 +2.5 or 5#
WOD: 7 min AMRAP
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

Sprint 40 yards
Plyo Push Ups – max reps [once they stop then they have to run]

Post total push ups to comments.