Friday & the weekend!

Friday & the weekend!

Friday & the weekend!

This weekend at the box;

1. Barbell Strength’s 11 week Strength & Integrated Gymnastics course begins this Saturday at 11am.

There are 2 spaces left; email if you want to get strong with this amazing program.

2. September Sessions – the Rise of the Specialty Classes! 

1st Sunday of every month; Vixens [THIS Sunday – 9am]

2nd Sunday of every month; Row Like a MoFo 

3rd Sunday of every month; the Skillz Class

All included in your regularly awesome training at High Voltage!


Friday’s Training: 


Friday Chipper!

In 30 min; for time or as far as you can go.


800m run

-50x Pull Ups

F: Jumping Pull up

P: Chin over Bar

S: CtB

-50x KB Squat

F: Single Kettlebell Goblet

P: Double KB Front Squat [front rack]

S: Single ARm Overhead Squat [alternate arms as needed]

-35x Box Jumps +Step Down

35x DB Thruster

20x Energizers [burpee into toes to bar into pull up =1 rep

Fitness; 20x burpee into sit up]

P: burpee/t2b/chin over bar pull up S: burpee/t2b/CtB Pull Up

20x HSPU or Hand release push ups

400m plate run [holding a bumper plate]