Friday & The Weekend; Sept 12-14

Friday & The Weekend; Sept 12-14

Friday & The Weekend; Sept 12-14

This weekend at the box!

1. This Sunday it’s our first ‘Mastery’ class – Row Like a MoFo class with Jeff Wamester! 

Sunday at 11am – improve your rowing ability & increase your rowing capacity.

-Takes place after the Energizer class [10am on Sundays] – and is included in everyones membership!

2. Our final TEAM High Voltage Prep Camp is this Saturday at 1pm after Barbell Strength. 

-We have 10 teams competing at the Sept 20 NLI ‘Dynamic Duo’ and we’ve been training together extra hard so we can rep our Community!

We’ll be competing in Long Beach all day on that Saturday we’d love for you to come on down after you train & cheer us on to our Full Effort!

3. Handstand Work Shop this Saturday at 12pm-1pm! 

We wanted to do something really cool for all of our Volunteers who have stepped up & helped us over the summer.

I asked them a bunch of you & I got an overwhelming response for another Handdstand Workshop…

And Coaches Pnutz & Brown Bear have obliged!

So if you volunteered this summer at either Cal Affiliate League competition our World’s Best Boot Camp Enlistment or Graduation Day…

Or anything else that I’m forgetting – then this one is just for you!

This Saturday 12-1pm [first 15 min will be getting ready/mobile etc]. If you’re doing TEAM at 1pm…I HIGHLY recommend you attend this.


Friday’s Training


Friday Chipper Pt Deux; Go as far as you can in 30 minutes.

Either for time or for total work completed

‘Run & Gun’

400m run

21x DB Snatch [alt arms; Fitness = alt arm Russian KB Swing]

21x Wall Ball [P=20/14 S = 30/20]

200m run

15x Toes to Bar [Fitness= hanging knee raise]

15x Burpee Box Jump Over [Sport = 30/24″ Performance = 24/20″]

100m run

9x HSPU [Fitness = seated DB Press]

9x Dips [Fitness = Hand Release push Ups][Sport = 4x Muscle ups]

100m run

9x HSPU [same scaling as above]

9x Dips/hand relsease push ups

200m run

15x Toes to bar

15x Burpee box Jump over

400m run

21x DB Snatch

21x Wall Ball