Friday & The Weekend: Sept 19-21

Friday & The Weekend: Sept 19-21

Friday & The Weekend: Sept 19-21

This weekend at the box we’re running on all cylinders. Yes – that many cylinders. #allthecylinders

First off – it’s a full/regular schedule this weekend…and…

we’re also having our very first Skillz Class on Sunday at 11am after The Energizer at 10am.

The Skillz class just like the name says isn’t a conditioning class –

it’s an hour designed just to dig deep into your own movement begin to work various progressions on bodyweight gymnastics movements

& just better movement patterns in general.


Second our TEAM High Voltage is all set for the NLI’s Dynamic Duo this Saturday in Long Beach. 

The TEAM has trained really hard for this I know they’re going to make everyone in our Community proud.

Most people are competing between 9am & 4pm –

-The event location is:

Marina Green
386 E Shoreline Dr
Long Beach CA 90802


Third – the Pre-Order for Stronger Faster Healthier is LIVE.

If you’re looking to get your ‘special stuff’ from them…

then THIS is the time to make it happen. Sign up is by the whiteboard and will go through October 1.

Don’t miss out – we’ve had a hard time keeping the ‘Recovery’ Protein on the shelves lately…#thegoodstuff


Fourth – Thank You to everyone who has given us kind recommendations for our General Manager search.

We’ve already received over 25 applications & resumes!

I’m going to keep the initial search open for just a few more days then we’ll move to the next phase which is obviously Triple Murph w/ weight vest 🙂


-We’re also finalizing the schedule for our next Instructor Training Program…#staytuned #4.0 #nextgenstuff


And Finally – we’ll be announcing the Fall Body Comp Challenge & all its details on Monday…including cash prizes!


Friday’s Training:

A. Split Jerk; One rep every 90 seconds for 12 minutes working up to a 1RM
Fitness: Push Press
P/S: Split Jerk

B. 30-20-10 reps for time;
Toes to Bar [Fitness: Lemon Squeezers]
Box Jumps +Step Down. Be explosive!
Wall ball [Sport: 2fers P: 20/14]
After every round perform 5x Man Makers [one round is the full t2b + Bj + Wall ball]