Friday & the Weekend

Friday & the Weekend

Our Stronger Faster Healthier Pre-Order only has a few more days left…

But what’s up with all this ‘you should actually recover after your workout bro’ mentality?

Should I just crush it & go home? Isn’t that just the coolest?


Well since you axed;

Sometime after a workout you will feel like you’ve recovered but at the cellular level it could take hours / days to recover fully.

The SFH Recovery formula is designed to re-energize your cells by increasing your ATP levels (Adenosine Triphospate- the energy powerhouse of the cell).

Within an hour after your workout mix yourself up a glass of Recovery Formula. Then either eat a real meal or drink another glass about two hours later.

The purpose is to re-energize your tired muscles and help them recover maintain joint health and flexibility and decrease the negative effects of free radical oxidants.

A muscle cell reloaded with ATP will make new muscle quickly.

Recovery is approximately 2/3 whey concentrate derived from a grass fed free range cows which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones and approximately 1/3 essential amino acids for recovery.


Sign up is by the whiteboard…get the exact flavor you want!


Friday’s Training;

Note – Next Friday we begin our 7:30am Max Aerobic Power Class!


A. In 8 minutes complete AMRAP of the following; then rest 4 min active  & rotate

1. Row 150m + 10x DB Thrusters

2. Run 100m + 10x V-Up + 10x [S: Ring Push Ups/P: Parallete Push Ups/Hand Release Push Ups

3. 30x Double Unders/90 single unders F: + 10x KB Front Rack Lunges 5 each leg [Sport; double front rack] + 5x DB Man Makers