Wednesday, Thursday, & the return of OcktoberVest!

Wednesday, Thursday, & the return of OcktoberVest!

There is SO MUCH Happening at the box right now.

So many new classes & programs…so many ways to get fit & stay in the best shape of your life.

And…with it being October 1 – why keep all the awesome stuff to myself?

1. We’re adding MORE classes! 
In addition to the Specialty classes we added last month
[Row Like a MoFo 2nd Sunday of the month & Skillz on the 3rd Sunday]
We’re adding a Friday MAP [max aerobic power] class at 7:30am!
This class is super popular – I think partly because it combines
great aerobic & cardio progressions that actual fit into our overall
‘CrossFit’ program to help you get fitter healthier and yeah sexier
[as if you could possibly have anymore room].
2. Our October weekend Specialty Classes are set:
Sun Oct 12 9am; Vixens Class [cuz our ladies ROCK]
Sun Oct 12 11am; Row Like a MoFo [our monthly Rowing Mastery Class]
Sun Oct 19 11am; The Skillz Class [become a bodyweight ninja seriously]
3. Tomorrow is our FINAL DAY for our Stronger Faster Healthier Protein Pre-Order
Sign up is by the whiteboard…recover strong!
4. Our Final Boot Camp for 2014 starts Sat Oct 11! 
We’ve put a ton of people through our Transformation Machine this year…
People who otherwise would NEVER have joined High Voltage.
And now – well they’re pretty much kicking complete ass after just 6 weeks
of this amazing program.
This one is our final one for 2014…then it’s on to the rush & squeeze of
New Years Resolutions & al that type of jam.
So message someone who you know needs this –
someone who needs YOU to be their catalyst…
And let’s get them started on their path to the best fitness of their life!
5. DayCare has even more days!
We now have our ‘Lil Sparx’ program Mon-Th 430-730pm & Sat 9-11am.
Got a friend who’s sitting on the sidelines not being their former happy/fit self?
Got a significant other at home waiting to trade the kids off to have ‘their time’?
Yeah we got you.
6. New CFHV Shirts will be in shortly. 
The really soft nice kind that helps you look great #saynotohanesbeefytees
7. Our ITP 4.0 is getting it’s final tweaks on it & is set to launch this Fall! 
Coaching is a part of the foundation for what makes High Voltage so great…
and it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m incredibly proud of our
Instructor Training Program.
It’s become a very sought after thing to be in our ITP and for good reason –
the program works and the coaches produced are 2nd to none.
This time spaces will be limited. Quality is paramount. Stay tuned.
Oh – and it’s the return of #OctoberVest – yes it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Wednesday’s Training



A. One set every 2 min; for 10 min; Power Snatch;
Fitness: hang Power Snatch x3 reps
P: High Hang below knee floor
S: Floor below knee high hang

B. For time; as far as you can go in 15 min;
400m run
35x KB Swings
35x Toes to bar [Fitness = Lemon Squeezers]
35x Burpee Box Jump [Fitness = Burpees]
35x Pistols [fitness= walking lunges Performance = striders or pistols total reps]
35x Double Unders [Sport = triple unders F = 100x Singles]
400m bumper plate run

MAP: 7:30am + 6:30pm
6 min on 2 min off x4
Sets 1&3
100m run
12x KB Swings
12x Toes to bar/V-Ups or Lemon squeezers

60x Jump Rope Passes
6x Burpee box Jump
12x Striders [6 each leg]


And coming Thursday

Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Pre-Skill: Static Dips 3×5 partner assist at feet as needed
Skill: Push Press 4×8-10 reps
WOD: Full Tabata at each station rotate after all 8 sets are complete
Rest 1 min to rotate
Low Score at each station
1. DB Push Press
2. Jump Rope Passes
3. Russian KB Swings


F/P/S – note: 4:30 is Sport Only & Requires Test In.
A.12 min alt emom;
A1. Deadlift reps descending; 2020 touch & go
[P/S] 6-5-4-3-2 [first set is 6 2nd set is 5 etc working up in weight]
Fitness: sets of 5 reps; 2020
2. Dips; Fitness: Hand Release Push Ups or box dips x8-10
P: Static Dips x8-10
S: Ring Dips x8-10

WOD: [12 min cap[]
5 rounds for time;
5x Deadlift [about 60%-2/3 of A for most]
50x Double Unders
100m run
Strength: Power Clean; Find 1RM
Accessory Strength: 1RM Bench Press

WOD: 3 rounds for time; [6 min cap]
7x Power Clean [2/3 of A]
50x Double Unders