Friday & The Weekend: Oct 10-12

Friday & The Weekend: Oct 10-12

This weekend – all regularly scheduled classes are ON! Come & get fit with us!

Ladies – Mimosas & Vixens Class – how can it get any better on Sunday morning? 9am – calling all ladies!

Everyone – after the Energizer class on Sunday at 10am it’s our monthly ‘Row Like a MoFo’ class

-So many lightbulbs went off for everyone after this class last month what magic is going to happen this Sunday at 11am?!

And finally – Saturday is Enlistment Day for the World’s Best Boot Camp is Saturday.


Friday’s Training;


Ax4. Press-Push Press-Push Jerk Complex working up in weight

1x Strict Press 3x Push Press 5x Push Jerk rest 2 min after each set

Fitness; 3x Strict Press 5x Push Press

P; As rx’d

S: 1-3-7 reps

B. Max Reps Strict Press w/ 60% of heaviest A.

[one set from the rack – as long as bar is in front rack it’s all good]

C. ‘The Friday Grind’

3 rounds for time;

Burpees & Wall Ball

Fitness; 20x Wall Ball 20x Burpees x3 rounds

Performance; 25x Wall Ball 25x Burpees x3 sets

Sport; 30x Wall Ball 30x Burpees x3 sets

And Friday’s NEW MAP Class @7:30am!

3 min on 1 min off; x6 sets; 3 sets each alternating
1. 10x Wall Ball
10x Burpee

2. 10x Slam Ball
10x V-Ups

Then 750m row for time after all 6 sets are done