The High Voltage Weekly; Oct 13-19

The High Voltage Weekly; Oct 13-19

This week at the box!

1. Great turnout last weekend for our Vixens Class mind blowing coaching cues at our monthly Row Like a MoFo Class and our biggest Enlistment Day yet for The World’s Best Boot Camp! Thank you all for believing in our programs our box our Community and mostly each other.

You all make every bit of this so worth it. Thank you!

2. This Sunday…it’s our Monthly Skillz Class with Coaches Dan & House – Sunday at 11am after The Energizer [10am].

Not only is this a super fun course working on becoming your own version of a bodyweight ninja…it’s also included in your membership & works just like any regular class on the schedule! Be sure to check this out!

3. TEAM High Voltage is ON this Saturday at 1pm. After a really successful & fun NLI Dynamic Duo Prep Camp I’m excited to ‘get the band back together’ & just have a good old fashioned Throw Down Session! If you can’t read between the lines there…it’s code that it’s gonna be EPIC.

4. Coming up – Barbells for Boobs AND a new Hero WOD for Veterans Day called ‘3 Wise Men’ from 2014 CrossFit Games Champs Invictus. More deets to come shortly!

5. A reminder that our Lil’ Sparx Day Care has E X P A N D E D! We now offer Professional Day Care for our Future Firebreathers M-Th 4:15pm -7:30pm and Saturdays 8am-11am!


Monday’s Training;


A. Power Clean + Push Jerk;
1 rep every 90 seconds for 12 minutes;
P/S: As rx’d
F: 3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1
Hang Power Clean + Push Press
Working up in weight

B. 5 sets for max total reps;
30 second clean & jerk
30 second Burpee Box Jump over
rest 1 min
F; 30 sec KB Swings + 30 seconds Burpees
P: 50-60% of A + 24/20″ Box Jump Over
S: 60-70% of A + 30/24″ Box Jump Over

Note – every 30 seconds you can start a new wave

MAP; 7:30am
One set every 3 min for 30 min
Odd; Row 250m
+12x Slam Ball
+12x Toes to Bar/Sit Ups

Even; Run 200m
+12x KB Swings
+12x Burpee Box Jump Over


And Coming for Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only: 6:30pm

Skill: Back Squat; In 10 min; work sets of 3 reps @30×0 tempo

WOD: Tabata at each station; no additional rest to rotate

Score is total reps + Cal

1. KB Front Squats

2. Hand Release Push Ups

3. Row for Cal


A. Back Squat; One Set every 2 min; x2 reps for 16 min

Fitness; x4-5 reps; 30×1 tempo

P/S: work up to 2 heavy sets of 2 reps

B. 2 min per station; high muscle endurance

rest 1 min to rotate; Score is total reps + Cal

1. Pull Ups;

Fitness: Ring Row/Banded

Performance: Chest/Chin

Sport: Ring Muscle Ups

2. Front Squat;

F: KB Goblet Squat

P/S: 2KB Front Squat

3. Row for Cal