The High Voltage Weekly; October 20-26

The High Voltage Weekly; October 20-26

This week at the box! 

1. This Friday Night – mark your calendars! It’s our annual Barbells 4 Boobs event + Halloween night party.

The event starts at 6pm [so there’s no regular 5:30 or 6:30pm classes – we’ll be doing B4B instead].

Barbells 4 Boobs is a fundraiser to help with mammogram screening for those who cannot afford it.

The tribute workout of ‘Grace’; 30 clean & jerks for time.

We will of course have beginner intermediate & advanced heats for this so everyone can participate.

Post-WOD we’ll be having a good old fashioned High Voltage BBQ & ‘recovery drinks’ if ya know what I’m talking about.

2. We’re thinking about adding a Yoga Class once a week for everyone…if there’s interest.

Interested? Let us know!

3. The Stronger Faster Healthier Pre-Order is IN! The Progenex Pre-Order is IN on Tuesday! 

Come & get your Recovery Products & Stay in the Game!

4. We are going paperless again! 

Our trial run for our Electronic Sign In Tablet has absolutely crushed the old paper method!

By Nov 1 we will no longer have the paper ‘grab & go’ self sign sheet.

We are transitioning completely to the tablet system!

So – if your phone number isn’t correctly updated in our system please stop by the office

and get it to us asap.


Monday’s Training;


A. Alt EMOM 10 min
A1. Squat Clean;
Fitness; 3x Hang Power + 3x Front Squat
Performance; 2x Hang Squat Clean + 1x Full Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk
Sport: 1x Hang + 1x Below Knee + 1x Full Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

A2. Hollow Rock x10-12 reps

B. 3 rounds for time;
400m run
Pull Ups [F: Ring Row/Jumping P: Chin S: Chest]
HSPU: F: Piked or Hand release P: Piked or Abmat S: rx][run 400m to start each set. rd 1; 15 reps of each rd 2 = 12 of each rd 3 = 9 of each]

MAP: 7:30am
1 min on 1 min off x8

for max reps at each station

1. KB Swing
2. Man Maker
3. Slam Ball
4. Row for Cal
5. Push Ups/Ring Push Ups
6. Burpee Box Jump Over
7. Toes to Bar/Push Ups
8. Row for Cal
rest 2 min repeat


And coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only;

Skill: Front Squat; work sets of 3 reps @30×1 tempo

WOD: 4 rounds 1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete

1. Wall Ball

2. Sit Ups

3. KB Swings

A. Back Squat;
one rep every 2 min for 14 min;
Build to a heavy 1 rep: P/S: no tempo
F: 30×0 tempo

B. Max Reps @85%
F; 30×0 tempo
P/S: no tempo – as long as you’re out of the

C. Time Priority ‘Jeremy’

Score is total reps

1 min OHS
1 min Burpees
45 seconds OHS
45 seconds Burpees
30 Seconds OHS
30 seconds Burpees
15 seconds OHS
15 seconds Burpee

F: KB Front Squat
P: 95/65#
S: 135/95#

Any shoulder issues?

Sub to Front Squats + No Push Up Burpees

That doesn’t work? We’ll find something that will!