Friday & the weekend; October 24-26

Friday & the weekend; October 24-26

Barbells 4 Boobs is ON tonight at 6pm!

No 5:30/6:30 PM class – regular schedule the rest of the day.

Post WOD we’ll be having a BBQ & drinks – friends & family are of course welcome!


-Regular schedule through the weekend.


9am AC/DC

10am Team WOD [super awesome partner workout]

11am Barbell is ON for those enlisted in the 11 week Barbell Strength Cycle only.


10am Energizer is ON [and it’s gonna be awesome!]


Friday’s Training; 

A. Build up to about 70% for 3 reps Power Clean + Push Jerk

B. “Grace”
30 clean & jerks for time;
F: 30x Hang Power Clean + Push Press
every minute at the top of the minute perform 5 burpees

P: 30x Clean & Jerk [power is fine] 135/95
scale weight as needed
S; 30x 155/105 Squat Clean to Overhead [Cluster is fine]

MAP; 7:30am;


one set every min for 30 min;

5x pull ups

10x push ups

15x squats

Scale reps as needed to’

3/6/9 4/8/12

or upscale to 6 11 16

Score is as many rounds as you can complete

When you can’t complete a round in that minute

Rest a round & drop the reps down then jump back on

if the coach thinks you can handle additional volume.