The High Voltage Weekly; Oct 27-Nov 2

The High Voltage Weekly; Oct 27-Nov 2

This week at the box!

1. Regular Schedule this week & through the weekend – Vixens Class is ON this Sunday at 9am Nov 2! 

2. Thank you all who came out to Friday Night’s “Barbells for Boobs” event!

If you’d like to donate to this cause please use THIS link to do so. All proceeds are used for Mammogram Screening especially for women who cannot afford it or are under 40.

3. Gettin’ Ripped over the Holidays Challenge!

Even though it’s still October we know the holidays aren’t too far away…so we’ve gotten together with a bunch of boxes around the country and are putting on a huge Get Ripped for the Holidays Challenge.

Want to look your BEST for Christmas?
Want to give yourself the BEST present ever?
Want to do it before the new year rolls in?
and hey….

Want the chance to win some $$$$?????

Yep you knew that was coming…..$5000 is up for grabs…..

There’s 2 levels of participation – and both can win the cash.

A ‘Fun’ Level & a ‘Crush It’ Level.

Stay tuned for more deets coming on Nov 3.

4. Monday November 10 we’ll be doing one big gym-wide WOD in honor of Veteran’s Day. 

We will be doing a gym wide Hero WOD that day at 10am.

What’s the WOD? It’s called the EOD 130 Memorial WOD – more details to come.

5. TEAM High Voltage this Saturday at 1pm. 

I know it’s short notice on this but our gym friend [and my individual coaching client] Tommy Pease from CrossFit Trifecta [4th at SoCal Regionals] is coming up to train.

I figure why not get everyone together & make it awesome?

So…let’s make it awesome!


Monday’s Training


A. One set every 90 seconds for 12 min;
F: 2x Hang Power Clean + 2x Front Squat
P: 1x Hang Squat Clean + 1x Squat Clean + 1x Split Jerk
S: 1x Squat Clean + 1x Hang Squat Clean + 1x Split Jerk

Bx3. Clean Extension;
F: Clean Grip Deadlift x4;
P/S: Clean Extension x4
[clean extension is with arms straight at top]

C. 10 min AMRAP;
200m run
10x HSPU
10x Pull Up
F; Hand Release Push Ups/Ring Row or jumping pull up
P: Abmat or piked HSPU + Chin Over bar
S: HSPU or strict HSPU + CtB

MAP; 7:30am

3 sets; 8 min per set; Score is total reps at each station

1. 100m run 10x Hand Relase Push Ups 10x Pull Ups [run counts as 1 rep]

2. Row for Cal

3. 15x Sit Ups 10x Ball Slam 5x Burpee

And Coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only [6:30pm]
Pre-Skill; Rowing Technique
Skill: OHS x7-8 reps
WOD: 4 rounds 1 min per station
1. Sit Ups
2. Lunges/Striders
3. Row for cal


A1. OHS x5 reps
Fitness; x1x1 for 5 reps [1 sec pause bottom & top]
P/S: x5 reps no tempo S: Work on more narrow grip
A2; Dips; AMRAP -2 [just short of failure]

F; 5x Negatives

P; Ring or Static AMRAP -2

S: Ring AMRAP -2

B. 4 rounds;
1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete;

1. Toes to Bar

2. F; Striders/Lunges P: Striders/Pistols S: Pistols
3. Row for Cal