The High Voltage Weekly; November Edition 2014

The High Voltage Weekly; November Edition 2014

This Mo’Vember at the box [yeah guys time to grow those ‘staches!]

1. Starting this Friday we’re changing things to a 5:30pm MAP class!

We get so many requests for this awesome class – it’s a great mix of CrossFit with higher levels of cardio/metabolic conditioning and focused Energy System Progressions.

If you’ve never been to MAP [Max Aerobic Power]…you are missing out! This class is a ton of fun & will leave you in a pile of sweat.

2. Next Tuesday Nov 11 we’ll be honoring our Veterans with a special Veterans Day WOD at every class! 

Regular schedule all day long and Monday is regular schedule as well. Come out & sweat it up for a great reason!

3. This Sunday Nov 9; 11am it’s our Monthly ‘Row Like a MoFo’ Class coached by our awesome resident Rowing Coach Jeff! 

This is included in everyone’s membership – come work on your rowing skillz & drillz and make the lact-hate starts to go away!

4. Then Sunday Nov 16 at 11am it’s our Monthly ‘Skillz’ Class with Coach Dan & House! 

Come work your progressions as you move towards becoming a bodyweight Ninja! Best of all….it’s also included in everyone’ monthly membership!

5. We will be closed for Thanksgiving [Thursday Nov 27] – and will have One Gym Wide WOD on Black Friday Nov 28 at 12pm! 

Regular Saturday/Sunday schedule that weekend.

6. We’re planning the annual High Voltage Holiday Party for early December – stay tuned…we’ve got something new & totally awesome up our sleeve this year…

7. And….starting Dec 1 we are going to be a part of the biggest Nation-Wide ‘Get Ripped’ before the holiday’s challenge!

There are going to be 2 levels to participate…and BOTH levels are eligible to win the $5000 Cash Prize!

The ‘Fun’ Level; just $24 to get in the game & get in awesome shape BEFORE New Years…

But there’s also the CRUSH-IT Level! 

CRUSH-IT level is:
Daily Workout Videos designed to maximize getting ripped
The exact supplements you have to have to C-R-U-S-H this thing!
A Specifically Tailor-Made Meal Plan
Done-For-You Shopping list
Recipes…private support groups…opportunities for additional help through out…

So… anyone can win the $5K (or $10K or $15K) at either the FUN LEVEL or the CRUSH-IT LEVEL… although the CRUSH-IT level gets more support.

Full deets to come on Wednesday!!!!


Monday’s Training;


A. One rep every 90 seconds for 12 min;
F: 1x Hang Power Clean + 1x Front Squat
P/S: 1x Squat Clean + 1x Split jerk
working up in weight to max

B. Climbing Ladder; 12 min AMRAP;
100m run before each set;
2x Pull Up

then run &
4x Pull Up

then run & 6 +6

Continue climbing by 2 until the 12 min period is complete

Fitness; Jumping pull ups/ring rows + hand release push ups

Performance: Rx Pull Ups + HSPU [scaled] or piked push ups

Sport; CtB Pull Ups + HSPU [rx strict or to defecit – push yourself!]

MAP [7:30am – don’t forget that this Friday we’re adding 5:30pm to the MAP schedule!]

One set every 3 min for 30 min
250m row
5x Burpee Box Jump Over
+10x Ball Slam

200m run
+10x Pull Up [scale up to muscle up or Ctb]
+30x Double Under [90x single under]

Tuesday’s Training;

Fitness Only; 6:30pm;
Skill; Deadlift; 4×8; 2020
WOD; 4 rounds; 1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete
1. KB Swings
2. Burpees
3. Rowing for cal

A1. OHS x3 reps
Fitness; x1x1 for 5 reps [1 sec pause bottom & top]
P/S: x3reps no tempo S: Work on more narrow grip
A2; Dips; AMRAP -2 [just short of failure]
F; 3x Negatives
P; Ring Dips x5-7 weighted
S: RIng Dips x3; weighted

B. 3 rounds; 40 seconds on 20 seconds to rotate;
1. V-Ups/Sit Ups
2. Burpee Box Jump Over
3. Row for cal
no additional rest period just the 20 second rest.