Wednesday & Thursday: Nov 5 &6

Wednesday & Thursday: Nov 5 &6

-This Friday…we’re Adding a 5:30pm MAP [max aerobic power] class to the schedule!

If you’re one of the few in the Western United States who hasn’t checked out this awesome class…come by Friday Night!

-Regular Schedule through the weekend…PLUS…

Row Like A MoFo this Sunday at 11am with our BAMF Rowing Coach Jeff!

Best of all – it’s included in everyone’s membership at CFHV!

-Sign Up for our December 1-24 Body Composition…I mean…GET RIPPED before the End of 2014 Challenge starts Monday.

There are 2 divisions; and both can compete for the $5000 cash prize.

The ‘Fun’ Division; just $24 to play…and you get the guide to get ripped…

But the CRUSH-IT level is:

-Daily Workout videos designed with ‘hormonal stacking’ in mind.
-The exact supplements you have to have to C-R-U-S-H this

-Done for you Meal plan
-Detailed Shopping list Recipes!

-Holiday Hacks for the MOST success
So… anyone can win the $5K (or $10K or $15K) at either the FUN LEVEL or the CRUSH-IT LEVEL… although the CRUSH-IT level gets more support.

The CRUSH it level is all this and all the supplements you’ll need so you won’t be spending as much money on food; $190.

Sign up is Monday…get ready!


Wednesday’s Training;

A. 12 min alt EMOM;
A1. Strict Pull Ups
Fitness 3 negatives as slow as possible
Performance; Max Reps Strict 1x weighted if possible
Sport; 1x Strict weighted if possible CtB

Fitness; Deadlift; 2020 tempo x1 reps
P/S: Snatch Grip Deadlift x1 reps [full deadlift]
touch & go – working up in weight

B. 21-15-9 reps for time;
Toes to Bar

F; Light w/kb or light BB/Sit Ups
P; adjust as needed but 155-225/105-155 is generally good]
S: 275/185#

MAP; 7:30am + 6:30pm [and starting this Friday at 5:30pm also!]

4 min per station rest 1 min to rotate; 6 sets
AMRAP of each;
1. Row 150m + 12x Alt arm DB Snatch
2. Run 100m + 12x Pull Ups
3. Double Unders x40/100 singles + 12x Wall Ball

then repeat – no additional rest period.


And coming Thursday: 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]
Pre-Skill; KB Walking Lunge Down Floor x3 sets
Skill: Push Press 4×5
WOD: 10 min AMRAP;
4 min row for cal
3 min Striders
2 min DB Push Press
1 min Burpees

F/P/S; Note; 4:30pm is Firebreathers & requires a test in! 
A1. Close Grip Bench Press;
Sets of 5 reps working up in weight
A2. Bulgarian Split Squat
F: KB Box Step Up x6-8 each leg
P/S: Bulg split squat x6-8

B. 10 min AMRAP;
4 min Row for cal
3 min Single Leg Squat/Strider
2 min 2kb Shoulder to Overhead
1 min DB Man Makers