Friday & The Weekend; Nov 7-9

Friday & The Weekend; Nov 7-9

-Friday nights just got MORE sweatttty!

Tonight marks the first 5:30pm Friday MAP class – so now every Friday we’ve got 2 of our super popular sweat fests!

Friday 7:30am + 5:30pm.

-Regular Schedule through the weekend…AND…Row Like a MoFo this Sunday at 11am after the Energizer [10am]

and yup – included in everyone’s membership!


-Registration for the December Get Ripped Before the Holidays Hit Challenge starts Monday. 

The 24 day challenge is an online competition that gives you the support tools to succeed.

It’ll also help you avoid the 15 pound holiday weight gain that happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Here’s How It’s Gonna Work;

-Choose the Fun Level or Crush-It Level [you’ll be able to register at the box or online]

-Receive all of the tools you need!

-Take Before Photos so you can look back and see all of the awesome changes you’re about to make!

-Track your Progress and kick ass with our Accountability Tracker!

-Turn in your Before/After Photos as well as your Video Diary and have the chance to win a piece of $5000!!!!

Fun Zone:

  • Win your share of $5000
  • 7-day Fatloss Meal Plan
    $100 Included
  • Daily Accountability Tracker
    $60 Included
  • Downloadable Written Workouts
    $70 Included
  • Just $2495


  • Crush It: 
  • Increase your chances of winning your share of $5000
    ✓ The Complete Advocare 24 Day Challenge Nutritional Supplement Package
    ✓ Access to accountability site
    $49 Included
    ✓ 24 Day Meal Plan
    $400 Included
    ✓ 24 Day Recipe Plan
    $199 Included
    ✓ Downloadable Written Workouts + Detailed Video Explanations
    $299 Included
    ✓ Shopping List
    $70 Included
    ✓ Daily Accountability Tracker
    $60 Included
    ✓ Weekly Rally Time: Talk with a Trained Expert
    $100 Included
  • Just $190.25 [includes all supplements & everything listed!]


Monday…registration Opens & the Challenge starts Dec 1!!! 


Friday’s Training;



A1. Back Squat x5 working up in weight – rest 30 sec

Fitness; 31×1

P/S: 30×1

A2. Rope Climbs; 2x ADAP rest 60 sec

Fitness; Rope Pulls x2-4 reps

Performance; with leg lock

Sport: No Legs/L-Sit

B. Friday Chipper kinda [18 min cap – get as far as you can!]

50x KB Swing

40x KB Front Squat [same weight as kb swing]

30x Pull Ups [Jumping Pull Ups/Chin Over Bar/CtB]

20x KB Lunges/Striders/Pistols [R+L = 1]

10x Single Arm KB Thruster each arm

20x KB Lunges/Striders/Pistols [R+L =1]

30x Pull Ups [Jumping Pull Ups/Chin Over bar/CtB]

40x KB Front Squat

50x KB Swing



MAP; 7:30am + 5:30pm! [brand new ya know?!]

“Welcome to the Jungle”

5 rounds 1 min per station rest 1 min after all 5 stations are complete

Score is total reps

1. DB Thruster

2. KB Swings

3. Russian Twists [L+R = 1 rep] holding a DB or unweighted

4. Ball Slam

5. Row for Cal