Wednesday & Thursday; November 12 &13

Wednesday & Thursday; November 12 &13

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the timing of the challenge.

Not that people “don’t” get it…but that voice that comes up & questions.

‘What about the holiday party?’ ‘What about my birthday?’

Well – my answer is the same as with CrossFit training…


You Get In What You Put In! 


Will this challenge work if you use it as a buffer to get back on track after a raging holiday party?


95% is WAY better than 0%. Like 95x better if my math is correct.


But – if you wanna get the crazy results…like the Carly Jose & Tarah type results…

they were 100% compliant. For 24 days. No misses.

That’s the last 5%…and that choice is yours.

And both are worlds better than not playing the game.


Fun Division or Crush It. Just not apathy.


Wednesday’s Training;



A1. Walking Lunge Steps; rest 30 sec

F: KB Walking Lunge x6 steps each leg

P/S: Barbell x6 steps each leg

A2. GHD Sit Ups rest 30 sec

F; 5-10 reps

P/S: 12-15 reps

B. 3 rounds for time;

400m Run to start every round


F: Russian KB Swings – P/S: Single Arm KB Clean [From Hang – alt arms]

F; Striders/Lunges – P/S: Pistols/Striders

MAP; 7:30am + 6:30pm

2 min on 1 min off; rest 3 min repeat

1. Slam Ball

2. KB Walking Lunges

3. Hand Release Push Ups/Ring Push Ups

4. Double Unders

5. Sit Ups/V-Ups

6. Row for Cal


And coming Thursday:

Fitness: 6:30pm
Pre-Skill; rowing instruction
Skill: Push Press; 4×8
WOD: Full Tabata at each station; rest 30 seconds to rotate

1. DB Push Press
2. Ball Slam
3. Row for Cal

Fitness/Performance/Sport; Note Thursday 4:30 is Firebreathers & requires test in

A1. Close Grip Bench Press x3 reps [go heavy w/spotters!]
A2. RDL x6-8; 2020 [work technique]

Fitness; Regular Deadlift

Performance: RDL

Sport; Snatch Grip RDL
B. 6 min AMRAP; [start at either station or run in waves]
5x Deadlift
10x Clapping Push Ups

rest 2 min;

6 min AMRAP
5x Dips [Ring or Static]
10x Cal Row