The High Voltage Weekly; Nov 17-23

The High Voltage Weekly; Nov 17-23

This week at the box!

1. This Saturday at 11am our Barbell Strength Program is testing their 1 rep maxes!

They’ll probably start lifting around 11:30am until 1pm or 1:30pm…

We’d love to have EVERYONE out to cheer them on as they perform their amazing feats of strength!

2. The December ‘World’s Best Xmas Present’ registration is LIVE!

Sign up is at the box next to the whiteboard or you can do it online here;

For all the deets & awesomeness we’ve designed to help you through the toughest time of the year

click here

Then – once you’re all registered make sure you fill out the ‘why’ board at the box!


Monday’s Training; 


A. Power Clean x2 reps; 90 seconds for 9 min [6 sets]
F; Hang power clean x3
P/S: 2 reps touch & go working up [focus on good cycling]

B. 2 min on 2 min off x5 sets [score is total power cleans combined]
200m Run
F: 10x Jumping Pull Ups
P: 10x Chin or 6x Chest
S: 10x Ctb or 4x Muscle Up
10x Push Ups
remaining time is AMRAP
F: Russian KB Swings
P: 115/75# power cleans
S: 155/105 Power Cleans

2 minute rest between rounds.

MAP: 7:30am

4 min on 1 min off x6
1 3 5;
Amrap of;
Row 100m
+10x Wall ball
+10x Toes to bar

2 4 6;
Run 100m
+10x Ball Slam
+10x Box Jump + Step Down


And Coming Tuesday:

Fitness Only; 6:30pm
PreSkill; Double Under Instruction
Skill: Push Press 4×5 w/1 second pause overhead
12 min AMRAP;
10x DB Push Press
10x Sit Ups
10x Squats
50x Jump Rope Passes

A. Back Squat; One set every 2 min;
1 6 1 6 1 6

build up quickly adjust the weight for each set

at the end the set of 1 should be the heaviest single and the set of 6 should be the heaviest 6.

B. Every minute on the minute for 9 minutes:
1st min – Row 150 Meters
2nd min – Shoulder to Overhead x10 [F: DB’s P: 115/75#][S; 165/115]
3rd min – Double-Unders x 30 reps

Then do one more time through – score is max at each station with same weight.

Score is Total Meters Rowed + Total Reps Shoulder to Overhead + Total Double Unders