Wednesday & Thursday: Dec 3&4

Wednesday & Thursday: Dec 3&4

T minus 10 days until our 2014…6th Annual Holiday Party! 

Next Saturday Night December 13…starting at 8pm.

The High Voltage Holiday & Masquerade Party!

And of course the more awesome/ridiculous/fun the better!

Friends & Family are of course always welcome.


-Team High Voltage – our final one of 2014; this Saturday at 1pm! 

Let’s get everyone together for one last awesome throw down!


-Vixens Class this Sunday at 9am! 

Calling all the ladies of High Voltage – this is our special Monthly super awesome training designed exactly for you!

Plus…we’re providing mimosas after – so now you have to go.



Wednesday’s Training:


A. Hang Squat Clean x5 reps [Barbell Endurance]

P/S: in 12 min build to a 5 rep max hang squat clean [unbroken obvi]

F; 5x Hang Power Clean + 5x Front Squat


B. Fight Gone Wednesday;

3 rounds;

1 min per station rest 1 min after all 5 stations are complete

1. Wall Ball

F: Scaled P; 20/10 S: 30/20

2. KB Swings

F: Russian P; 53/35 S: 70/44

3. Box Jumps +Step Down

F: Step Up P: 24/20 S: 30/24

4. Dips

F: Hand Relase Push Ups

P: Ring Dips/S: Muscle Ups

5. Row for cal


MAP: 7:30am + 6:30pm

B. Fight Gone Wednesday; Championship MAP edition

5 rounds;

1 min per station rest 1 min after all 5 stations are complete

1. Wall Ball

2. KB Swings

3. Box Jumps +Step Down

4. Hand Release Push Ups

5. Row for cal



Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill; Push Press 4×5 w/ 1 second hold overhead

WOD: 15 min AMRAP

10x DB Push Press

10x Sit Ups

10x Striders/Walking Lunge Steps [5 each leg]




A1. GHD Sit Ups 12-15

A2. Handstand Hold x30 seconds

-Plank Hold/Against a wall/Freestanding

B. ‘Lynne”

with a 20 min clock counting down

perform 5 rounds of;

Max Rep Bench Press [bwt men/ 2/3 bwt women]

Pull Ups

Fitness; DB Bench Press x8 @30×1 + Max Rep Ring Rows 1010 tempo

Performance; As Rx; Bwt men – 2/3 bwt women + max rep kipping pull ups

Sport; same bench + CtB Pull Ups

or – try Strict Pull Ups – that’s tough!

C. Evil Wheel 3×10