Friday & the Weekend: Dec 5-7

Friday & the Weekend: Dec 5-7

This weekend at the box; 

Full regular schedule all weekend!

Saturday; 9am 10am & 11am Barbell Strength are ON! And now that Barbell’s closed cycle is complete it’s back to open to everyone who’s a member of High Voltage!

Team High Voltage is Saturday at 1pm – come on out for a good old fashioned beat down!

Sunday: 9am Vixens Class – calling all High Voltage ladies…get ready to sweat & have some mimosas after!

10am: The Energizer! Finish off a rainy weekend the best way…by getting really sweaty & awesome with your fellow Volts & Vixens!

-And Don’t Forget! Next Saturday night – our 6th Annual High Voltage Holiday Party

This year it’s the Masquerade party – so go out & get something awesome/hilarious & prepare for another great night together with all my favorite peeps!


Friday’s Training:

A. Back Squats!

Wave Loaded Back Squats;

one set every 2 min for 12 min

Working up in weight to a heavy set of 3

P/S; Reps; 5 4 3 5 4 3

Fitness; 30×1 tempo

B. 15 min AMRAP;

50x Double Unders

20x KB Walking Lunge Steps – hold in center of chest [fitness can be just bodyweight]

5x Deadlift [Fitness; Light/touch & go Performance; 225/155 Sport; 275-315 men/185-225 women]


MAP: 7:30am + 5:30pm!  

In 30 min; complete AMRAP of the following;

Rest exactly 1 min active after every round is complete;

50x Double Unders/100 single unders

20x Striders/20x walking lunge steps each leg

15x Lemon Squeezers/Sit Ups

10x KB Swings heavy