Wednesday & Thursday: Dec 10 &11

Wednesday & Thursday: Dec 10 &11

Holiday party this Saturday night…8pm.

Aaaaaand….rumor has it that there is going to be a Pre-Order Only for…

Those most EPIC High Voltage Originals shirts…

but this time they aint shirts…they’re some awesome 3/4 sleeve baseball t’s & an even cooler hoodie.

Stay tuned…it’s dropping sooner than we expected!


Wednesday’s Training



A1. Push Press x3 reps rest 30 sec

A2. Bulgarian Split Squat x6 rest 60 sec



Score each individualy –

it goes 4 min 4 min 2 min 2 min.

Start at either station 1 or 2 then progress accordingly to 3 or 4

1. 4 min AMRAP

5x Shoulder to Overhead [F: DB’s P; 95/65 S; 155/105]

10x Toes to Bar [Fitness; Sit Ups]

rest 2 min

2. 4 min AMRAP

30x Double Unders

10x Alt Leg Pistols [F: Lunges P; Striders S: Pistold]

rest 2 min

3. 2 min AMRAP

5x Shoulder to Overhead

10x Toes to Bar

rest 1 min

4. 2 min AMRAP

30x Double Under

10x Alt Leg Pistols


Max Aerobic Power [7:30am + 6:30pm]

8 min AMRAP at each station rest 3 min to rotate


10x DB Push Press

20x Sit Ups

rest 2 min


100x Jump Rope Passes any style

10x Striders

rest 2 min


100m sprint

10x Slam Ball




Fitness Only; 6:30pm

Skill; Front Squat 4×5 reps

WOD: 3 rounds for time;

400m run to start every round


Wall ball

Jumping Pull Ups/Ring Rows



A. 12 min Alt EMOM;

A1. Squat Clean x2 reps working up in weight

Fitness; 2x Hang Power Clean + 2x Front Squat

P; Can be power + Fsq or full squat clean

S; Full Squat Clean

A2. Strict Weighted Pull Up x3

Fitness; x3 negatives

Performance; x3 weighted if possible

Sport; x3 CtB Weighted


B. 3 rounds for time;

400m run to start each round


Hang Squat Clean [Fitness; Russian KB Swings P; 95/65# S; 135/95]

Pull Ups [Fitness; Ring Rows P; Chin S; CtB]