Party Time!

Party Time!


Our 6th Annual High Voltage Holiday Masquerade Party!

Doors Open at 8pm.

Award Show begins at 9:30pm [and yes we do have that music to keep House’s speech juuuuust a tad shorter this year #neverforget]

10pm the party gets going.

Friends & family are of course always welcome.

We’ll have some food & drinks for everyone but if you have a dish you love or a drink that you wanna share please bring them!

Sunday; 11am our monthly Row Like a MoFo class is ON! 

This class taught by our Resident Rowing Expert Jeff Wamester is every 2nd Sunday of the month.

As if all the knowledge bombs weren’t enough…this class is Included in everyone’s membership!

So fear the rower no more…hit up The Energizer at 10am & stay for Jeff’s super popular class.


Friday’s Training;


A. Max Holds;

1. Handstand Hold; one attempt

Fitness; Piked on a box/weighted plank hold

Performance; Hand Stand Against a wall

Sport; Freestanding Hand Stand

2. L-Sit; one attempt

Fitness; Tuck

Performance; Both legs straight

Sport; L-Sit or V-Sit

3. Ring Support; one attempt

Fitness; Static Dip Hold [arms extended]

Performance/Sport; Rings [arms extended]

B. 5 sets; rest exactly 3 min after each set; [should take about 30 minutes total]

Row 350m hard [F; Row 250]

+15x KB Swings [F; Russian swings P; 53/35 S; 70/53]

+15x Burpees [Fitness; 10x Burpees]

This…this should hurt.


MAP [Max Aerobic Power] 7:30am + 6:30pm

10 sets; one set every 3 min for 30 min; rest remaining time

Odd sets;

Row 350 + 15x Burpees

Even sets;

Run 400m + 15x KB Swings