Wednesday & Thursday; Dec 17 & 18

Wednesday & Thursday; Dec 17 & 18

Our Holiday Hours;

This weekend; Regular Schedule + SKILLZ Class w/Coach [of the Year] Dan & House Sunday at 11am after Long WOD

Next Wednesday X-Mas Eve; One WOD at 12pm

Closed next Thursday

Friday; One WOD at 12pm]

Regular Schedule Saturday & Sunday

Wed Dec 31; One WOD; 12pm

Th Jan 1; TBD

Friday – weekend regular Schedule!


Wednesday’s Training


Ax3-4; Move through for quality;

A1. Close Grip Bench Press x5

Fitness; 31×1

P/S; No Tempo

A2.  GHD Raise

Fitness x5-8 [partner assisted as needed]

P/S: 10-12

A3. Hollow Rock x20 rocks total

Look for good body position

Legs only extended out as far as body can stay hollow

B. Rowing [cuz it’s raining ya know?]

Row 1k For time rest no less than 4 min]

Row 500m for time [rest no less than 2 min]

Row 250m for time [rest no less than 1 min]

Row 100m for time

Score each split individually

Max Aerobic Power Class [MAP; 7:30am + 6:30pm]

Rest inbetween sets as needed.

All sets must be completed within 35 min

A. Row 2k for time

B. Row 1k for time

C. Row 500m for time

D. Row 250m for time

E. Row 100m for time


And Coming Thursday; 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill; Overhead Squat 4×5 reps

WOD; 3 rounds for time rest 1 min after all 3 sets

1. DB Push Press

2. Sit Ups

3. Row for Cal


Ax5; OHS x 3 reps; [sub to front squat & go heavy #brett]

One set every 2 min for 10 min

Fitness x5 reps w/1 second pause in bottom + top

B.  Find 15 rep OHS in 2-3 attempts

If you cannot find this score is how many reps you got

i.e. 13 reps at 155.

C. 5 sets for max reps

One minute per station rest 1 min after both station are complete

1. Push Press [95/65# P/S Fitness; DB’s]

2. Row for Cal