Friday & The Weekend

Friday & The Weekend

This Weekend at the box!

Full Weekend Schedule…PLUS…

Coach Dan & House’s Super Awesome SKILLZ class

this Sunday at 11am…and it’s included in everyone’s membership!


Friday’s Training;

A. Max Out Friday!

Max Reps at each station

3 min on per station rest 3 min to rotate.

Each Spot has it’s own score.

Warm up deadlift before and we’re looking for a good negative on each one & solid form.

A1. Pull Ups

F; Ring Row

P; Chin over bar or CtB

S; CtB or Muscle Ups

A2. Max Double Unders

F; Total combined passes singles + doubles

P/S; Double Unders

A3. Deadlift [up and down each rep for it to count]

F; Light

P; 185-225/115-155

S; 275-315/185/225

A4. L-Sit

Max Hold Accumulated;

Fitness; Tuck P/S; L-Sit

A5. Burpee Box Jump Over

F; Step overs are ok; or ‘just’ burpees

P/S; 24/20