The High Voltage Weekly; Dec 29-Jan 3, 2015!

The High Voltage Weekly; Dec 29-Jan 3, 2015!

Happy end of an awesome 2014 & beginning of an even more amazing 2015 to our #electricnation!

This week at the box;

1. Our Schedule; 

  • We have a regular schedule Monday & Tuesday.
  • Wednesday we have 5:30 6:30 & 7:30am are regular and Coach Bryan is going to be bringing the heat with an awesome 12pm WOD [not 12:30pm 12pm yo!]
  • We are closed Wednesday Night [I mean we all love CrossFit but New Years eve is a time to ‘show off’ your fitness if you know what I mean].
  • And…by popular demand…for the first time in a few years…we have a Gym Wide NEW YEARS DAY WOD thanks for our super awesome Coach Jose! 

It’s at 12pm New Years Day at the box.

Kick off 2015 the right way…and trust me after talking to Coach Jose you don’t want to miss this one!

Friday is regular schedule same through the weekend.

2. Thank you! 

Thank you not just for being awesome but we received so many new Volts & Vixens in Decembers from referrals from YOU! Usually December can be really slow but you all just blew us away with how many of your friends & family came by jumped in and started sweating along side the rest of our Community!

Thank you for everyone who takes the extra time to lend an extra hand to our new Volts & Vixens…we were all there once too…and someday they’re going to be the ones paying it forward as well…and so it goes!


Monday’s Training;


A. Back Squat

20 10 10 rest 3 min after each set using the same weight

quickly build up using sets of 3-5 to a weight you think you can do for 20 reps.

Then do those 20 reps. Rest 3 min then do 2 sets of 10 with the same weight.

Fitness; work up then 3×10; 30×1 tempo rest 3 min


B. Strict Press; 3×8 working up in weight rest 90 sec [F/P/S]


C. Pull Ups; for time [12 min cap]

F; 50x Ring Rows; 1010 tempo;

P; 50x Chest to Bar Pull Ups for time

S; 30x Muscle Ups for time


MAP; 7:30am

8 rounds; one set ever 3 min for 24 min

Odd; Row 500m men/400m women

+100x Jump Rope Passes [scale down as needed to 60 or less so there’s 20-30 seconds rest]

Even; Run 400m [all gravity works the same on running just doesn’t on the C2]

+ one round of Cindy [adv = 2 rds of Cindy]


Tuesday’s Training;

Fitness Only; 6:30pm

Skill; Push Press 4×5 working up in weight

WOD; 4 rounds 1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete

1. Slam Ball

2. Burpees

3. Row for Cal



A. 15 min Alt EMOM; increasing volume.

A1. 3 Position Power Clean unbroken for positioning & technique

F; 3-5 reps Hang Power Clean

P/S; High Hang Below Knee Floor

A2. GHD Sit Ups;

F; Weighted Sit Ups x10

P; 10-12 GHD

S; 12-15 GHD

A3. Double Unders

Fitness; 30 seconds double under skill practice

Performance/Sport 30 sec max rep dubs


B. For time; lactic

21-15-9 reps for time

Power Cleans F; KB Swings P; 95/65# S; 115/75; not meant to be heavy. Meant to make ya breathe!]

Burpee Over Bar


Wednesday’s Training;

Our last sessions of 2015; 5:30am 6:30am 7:30am and 12pm!

All classes including MAP; 


5 rounds for time

20x Pull Ups

30x Push Ups

40x Sit Ups

50x Squats

rest exactly 3 min after each set

Fitness; 10/15/20/25 reps rest 3 min; AMRAP in 30 min

P; As Rx’d

S; Ax Rx’d


Thursday; 12pm Only

One Gym-Wide WOD with Coach Jose!

What does he have planned? I dunno what doesn’t he have planned #yaknowwhatimean