The High Voltage Weekly; Jan 5-11

The High Voltage Weekly; Jan 5-11

Hey Volts & Vixens…and happy 2015! We hope you’re as excited as we are to get our first full training week of 2015 going strong!

This week at the box;

1. Full regular schedule all week…plus a fully packed weekend! 

2. TEAM High Voltage 2015 is ON this Saturday at 1pm.


We had such a fun 2014 training & competing together…had some great prep-camps for competitions had some awesome athletes come by & throw down with us and just all around had a great time digging deeper with this crew.

This first session of the year is open to everyone – so if you’re interested in seeing what TEAM High Voltage is all about – this Saturday at 1pm is for you! We’ll be working on Open Prep and pushing each other outside of our comfort zone.

3. Our Sunday Specialty courses have been a hit – and this Sunday at 11am after the Energizer Class our monthly Row Like a MoFo is back!

Come dig deeper into Rowing Technique tips tricks and drills to help you stop fearing some of the ‘nastiness’ that the Concept 2 Rower can produce!

Plus it’s included in everyone’s membership – so now you have no excuse not to come!

4. And…it IS after the New Year…and we’re excited that we’ll be seeing so many new & returning faces to our Community.

Here’s a few quick reminders for everyone to help make 2015 the best ever. 

-If you can attend the T/Th 6:30pm Fitness Only class if you’re really new. It’s designed to get you super proficient in the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements plus a ton of great info every class on the how & why this whole ‘constantly varied functional movement at relative high intensity’ works so well.

-T/Th 6:30pm Fitness Only; If you’ve been out for a bit have previous or ongoing injuries that you’re taking care of etc…the Fitness Programming that we have at EVERY class is for you. Our Fitness programming doesn’t just mean it’s for beginners – it’s for general health & well being adjustable for anyone regardless of how long you’ve been training. It’s designed for structural health movement integrity [so you’ll see lots of tempos & other controls to help you do them properly] and a balance between aerobic capacity & anaerobic energy system training. It’s great programming and I’m really proud of it.

-MAP it up! Max aerobic power classes are great for any level & designed to give you a kick ass cardio & aerobic power workout while working on body composition & getting all shredded. M/W/F 7:30am Wed 6:30pm Fri 5:30pm…look for more of these popular classes to get on the schedule.

-If you’ve been going at it hard for a while then this might be a time to step up in our Goal Based Progression system.

This means that if you’ve been doing fitness for a while – then maybe it makes sense to step up & start trying the ‘Performance’ programming at your training sessions. Same thing goes for our Sport programming – if you’ve been crushing the Performance programming…then our Sport programming is designed to help you crush the upcoming Open or get on top of the podium at the next competition.

-Get involved! It’s no surprise the people who come early stay late cheer others on get a taste of all the different programs we offer and generally try to have the most fun also end up getting some of the best results.

And finally; Consistency is KEY; Show up. Don’t quit. Come back. Don’t know how to say it any more simply or beautifully than that.


Monday’s Training;


A. 14 min EMOM; 7 sets at each station

A1. Front Squat x3 reps;

Fitness; 3 reps; 31×1 tempo

P/S; load; 50% 60 70 80% for 4 remaining sets of FSq 1RM

A2. HSPU x5; Do not have to be unbroken

Fitness; Hand Release Push Ups x8-10 reps [knees or toes]

P; Kipping Abmat or Piked off box x5 reps

S; Strict or Kipping Defecit

B. 4 sets for max reps; [8 min total]

1. 30 seconds max rep Overhead Squat

F; KB Front Squat; P/S; 95/65 OHS

2. 30 seconds max rep Pull Ups

F; Ring Rows

P/S; CtB Pull Ups

3. 30 seconds max rep Burpees

4. Rest 30 sec

MAP [7:30am] 

6 min on 2 min off x4

Sets 1&3;

10x OHS/KB Front Squat

10x Pull Ups

Run 100m


Row 10 Cal

+10x Slam Ball

And coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only [6:30pm – perfect for anyone new to CrossFit]

Skill; Deadlift 4×8; 2020 tempo working up in weight

WOD; 4 rounds for max reps;

1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete

1. Russian KB Swings

2. Sit Ups

3. Row for Cal


A. One set every 2 min for 12 min;

3 position power clean; Unbroken;

High Hang Below Knee Floor

F; hang Power Clean Progressions x3-4 reps

P/S; load; 50% 60% 70% for all remaining sets [based off 1RM clean]

B. 4 min AMRAP; rest 2 min 4 min AMRAP; start at either station


10x Power Clean [done in 2 sets of 5 touch & go reps – P; 95/65 S; 135/95]

Fitness; 10x Russian KB Swings

F; 60x Single Unders P; 30x Double Unders S; 50x Double Unders



10x Toes to Bar; F; Sit Ups

10x Box Jumps [24/20 – fully open up top] ; F; Step Up + Step Down