Wednesday & Thursday; Finding a Coach

Wednesday & Thursday; Finding a Coach

Wednesday & Thursday; Finding a Coach

It’s the start of the year…and that means New Years Resolutions…New Years Goals…the whole New Years deal that’s been tried before.

And what’s that saying…if you keep doing the same step-aerobics video in your living room like you did before you’ll keep getting the same tired results.

Which got me thinking about my journey as an athlete – because contrary to what many think I wasn’t a natural…don’t belive me?


“I hired a Coach…and you won’t believe what happened next”

Or maybe you will believe what happened next – but first let me rewind.

After my sophomore year of high school I really got Olympic fever. Like…Doctors said it was one of the worst cases they’d ever seen.

It was so bad that I quit high school shortly after that and decided that I was going to train myself to the Olympics.

What made it worse was…I really wasn’t all that good at my sport [taekwondo]. People think this wasn’t true but it’s because they only met me later on in my career…so…this is the story all about how [sing it if you’re already humming it] Tim Thackrey got coached.

I went to my first practice after I quit school all excited. I told one of the ladies that I trained with – I still remember her name – Carmen Hsu she had medaled at the national championships the last year & was really nice.

I told her I’d quit high school to train for the Olympics.

She said ‘Great…what sport?”


Man talk about being devastated. Here I’d made this huge leap that not only was I going to try to be one of the best in the world but I was going to coach myself there.

And I lost my first fight at the state championships & nationals that year.

Surprise surprise.

Really what Carmen said to me ended up being a really good thing in hindsight. No matter how motivated I was I wasn’t going to accomplish this journey on my own. It would take some world-class coaches dedicated training partners and a whole lot more.

So I decided it was time to move away from home & get a real coach…I found some really amazing ones along the way and some…let’s just say not so much. But I was in it. I was searching for what I needed and I wasn’t going to stop until I found it.

However it happened [and that’s a story for a whole different blog] I got set up with Scott Fujii – a world-class taekwondo athlete who lucky for me was also a really amazing strength & conditioning coach in a sport where they train a lot closer to a 1970’s kung-fu flick than a World Championship Training Hall.


It was from this stubborn approach that I was going to do whatever it took to find the parts I needed things really took off for me…but that’s a story for a different time.

And even then I kept stumbling across some really amazing coaches & leaders. Once the journey for finding the best coaching & methods started it just never turned off for me.


I attended a seminar when I was 19 by Olympic Gold Medalist Herb Perez – he told us that he’d just bought a motorcycle…but he also went & bought the best motorcycle jacket & helmet he could find.

That line has always stuck with me – if this game plan of not settling until you find the very very best was good enough for an Olympic Champion…then maybe that was good enough for me too? Maybe?

Even after I retired from fighting I just kept going. I wanted to become a better weightlifting coach and again stumbled upon USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Coach Bob Takano. Seriously had no idea who he was – but man again I just got so lucky that it worked out like that. Bob taught me so much about training athletes & what it means to be a real serious coach that I started competing in weightlifting just to continue to learn as much as I could from him…I even qualified for the American Open at 33 & got to train at the Olympic Training Center in my second sport.

I can’t take the credit though…it came from some really amazing coaching.


And even though when High Voltage started off on my driveway over 6 years ago and we had no idea what it would turn into…

Now I have such a clear vision of what our gym our Coaches and our Community provide to anyone who has the guts to humble themselves check your ego at the door and continue to show up & come back! It’s so much fun to be a part of this every single day with some of the most supportive people you could ever hope to train with!


Oh one more thing; – and I also met my Carly from training with my coach Scott so you just never know what good things are going to happen when you seek out the very best coaching you can find.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our amazing Coaching or supportive Community our goal-based Programming…and all the rest of the awesome that we strive to provide…now’s the time!

For January 2015 we currently have 19 of our Spark Quick Start  program left.

The Spark Quick Start allows you to see our Coaching Community & Programming first hand at any 2 classes over a 4 day period. It’s just $29 to get started – and when you love it – we’ll put the entire price towards any membership that fits your goals!

818-848-8804 – let’s talk!


Wednesday’s Training; 


A. Snatch;  every minute on the minute for 10 min;

F; Overhead Squat x3 reps from a rack

P; Full Snatch x1 reps – looking for great form & receiving in the bottom.

50% 60% 70% 75% for all remaining sets

S; Full Snatch; 50 60 70 80% for all remaining sets

B. 15 min AMRAP;

Run 200m

20x Wall ball [F; x15 reps P; 20 reps S; 20x Unbroken]

10x Dips [F; Hand Release Push Ups x10 P; x5-7 Dips S; 10x Dips]

rest 30 sec active after each set


MAP; 7:30am + 6:30pm 

1 min on 1 in off; x4 sets;

1. Hand Release Push Ups/Ring Push Ups

2.  Slam Ball

3. Row for Cal

4. Wall Ball


And coming Thursday;

Fitness Only; 6:30pm [perfect for newbies to CrossFit!]

Pre-Skill; Rowing Technique + 2x 150m Row [AnAerobic]

Skill; Push Press: 4×5 w/1 second hold overhead

WOD: Tabata at each station; Low Score at each station is score

Rest 30 seconds to rotate

1. DB Push Press

2. Sit Ups

3. Row for Cal


Fitness/Performance/Sport [note; 4:30pm is Firebreathers Class & requires a test-in to attend]

Ax3. Rowing; Row/Rest; Score is slowest time of the 3 intervals
F; Row 200m hard rest 3 min
P; Row 250m hard rest 3 min
S; Row 350m hard rest 3 min

B. 15 min cap; Start at worst station
Score is total time combined including rest
1. 3 rounds for time
15x KB Swings
15x Burpees

rest 2 min;

2. 30x Man Makers for time