The High Voltage Weekly; Jan 12-18

The High Voltage Weekly; Jan 12-18

Aaaaaand……we’re Six Years Old Today!!!!

While we actually got affiliated in December of 2008 [way before most people even heard CrossFit…but not before some of the CrossFit hipsters had] –

We had our first class on Monday January 12 2009!

It was at 7:30pm – Brown Bear & Adele were there so were Carly Kris Clever and me.

Why’d we decide to have our first class then? Because when Greg & Adele came by – they asked when’s your first class?

I said – when are you free? Turns out – Monday January 12 2009!

At the time – there was only 1 other actual CrossFit box in the Valley – Valley CrossFit…and I think only a few others in all of Los Angeles; CrossFit Los Angeles & Andy Petranek Team CrossFit Academy & Eric LeClair…Andyy Thompson & CrossFit Hollywood and James Lee & Team CrossFit were both finally getting their first spots made. Each of these OG’s still have thriving Communities and it’s amazing too watch them continue to grow.

And we all had to make our own pull up rigs! Kinda funny now – but at the time that was always a major hurdle in people getting set up; who’d you use…will the rig last? Even typing this now I feel like I’m saying the WOD was uphill both ways [and we liked it that way!].

I still remember being so nervous to open up High Voltage and because I never came from a CrossFit gym – most of us didn’t back then – that I drove over to Valley CrossFit to introduce myself to their original owner [and now my good friend] Mike Latch.

I was so nervous…I imagined it like some old school kung fu movie where everyone was going to sit me down make me show them my ‘moves’ and then vote up or down.

I still kinda wish it actually went down like that…

But in all seriousness what an absolutely amazing journey it has been with each of you – and whether you were in our box for a class a month a year…or since that very first day like Brown Bear & Adele it means the world to us to be able to train you struggle with you share your victories with you and move our lives forward in the most positive way we know how.

So here’s to 6 more amazing years…and many more on top of that…when I get to train your kids…when we have a CrossFit seniors class for you all 😉

With our full effort

Tim & Carly


This week at the box;

1. Full Schedule…it’s January & we aint slowing down in 2015! Full Speed Ahead!

2. Starting this Saturday at 9am and through the Open – we’ll be having our ‘Open Prep Class’

Includes skill & drill training for movements that you know will be coming up in the Open – and then taking on one of the previous Open wods!

3. This Sunday at 11am – Coach Dan’s put together a really cool skillz class for ya!

It’s featuring our new Volt Christian who has been a competitive jump roper since 3rd grade!!!

So – I recommend EVERYONE to come out to this…only an hour…it’s included in everyone’s membership & doesn’t count against your sessions…it’s THAT important in my opinion.

Plus – it’ll cover more than double unders – he’s got a whole bag of other tricks tips skillz & drillz for ya!

4. More MAP!!!

I get this question all the time – people just love our Max Aerobic Power Class – so…starting NEXT Monday [Jan 19]

our 6:30pm class will now become a MAP class!

MAP is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their aerobic base or capacity have a longer cardio workout that will leave you drenched & shredded – and is perfect for all levels & abilities.

Now – this isn’t step aerobics…it’ll put ya down…but my favorite part of this class is that I’ve programmed it to fit into our overall structure of programming! That way all the gainz you make will continue to work towards the same thing – being awesome!

Starts Monday Jan 19 @6:30pm.


Monday’s Training;


F/P/S; A. One set every 90 sec for 15 min;

2x hang clean + 1 full clean; Unbroken;

F; hang Power Clean Progressions x3-4 reps P/S; load; 50% 60% 70% 70-75% for all remaining sets [based off 1RM clean]

B. 5 min AMRAP; rest 2 min 5 min AMRAP; start at either station AMRAP #1; 10x Power Clean [done in 2 sets of 6 touch & go reps; P; 95/65 S; 135/95] Fitness; 12x Russian KB Swings + 15x box jump +step down : AMRAP #2; 10x Toes to Bar; F; Sit Ups + 10x burpee + bar touch.

MAP; 7:30…& starting next week at 6:30pm!

7 min on 2 min off x4

Sets 1&3; 12x OHS/KB Front Squat 8x Pull Ups Run 100m

Sets 2&4; Row 12 Cal +12x Slam Ball


And coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Skill: Overhead Squat 4×8 rest 90 sec
WOD; Full tabata at each station; rest 1 min to rotate;
1. OHS
2. Hand Release Push Ups
3. Row for Cal

A. 16 min EMOM; 8 sets at each station
A1. Front Squat x2 reps; Fitness; 4 reps; 31×1 tempo
P/S; load; 50% 60 70 80-85% for 5 remaining sets of FSq 1RM
A2. HSPU x6; Do not have to be unbroken
Fitness; Hand Release Push Ups x10 reps [knees or toes]
P; Kipping Abmat or Piked off box x5 reps
S; Strict or Kipping Defecit

B. 4 sets for max reps;
40 seconds Push Press [P/S; 95/65 F; DB’s]
40 seconds Pull ups [F;ring row; P: CtB S; Muscle Ups
40 seconds Wall Ball [F; Scaled P; 20/10 S; 30/20]
rest 1 min active