Friday & the Weekend; Jan 16-18, 2015

Friday & the Weekend; Jan 16-18, 2015

Friday & the Weekend; Jan 16-18, 2015

This weekend at the box – there’s just so much AWESOME!

Full Schedule doesn’t even begin to describe it…

  • Saturday at 9am – we start our ‘CrossFit Open Prep Class’

This is our Special 7 week Prep-Class for all leading up to the 2015 CF Games ‘Open

The hour long class includes skill & drill training for movements that you know will be coming up in the Open – and then you’ll be taking on one of the previous Open WOD’s!

  • Sunday; Our Double Under Skillz Seminar is ON!

After the Energizer at 10am…dive deep into all sorts of madness on the jump rope.

Taught by our own pro-jump roperer Christian and Coach Dan who is keeping his amateur status for the Olympics.

And it’s more than just dubs…Christian’s got all sorts of tricks to show & progressions to help everyone in our Community.

Plus…it’s included in everyone’s membership!

  • Monday; 6:30pm we’ll be adding our Max Aerobic Power Class! 

This class has been so popular we keep getting more requests for it…so here it is!



Friday’s Training;


A.10 min Alt EMOM;

A1 Squat Clean x3

F; Hang Power x3 +Front Squat x3 focusing on technique

P/S; Tough & Go about 75% acros all sets work on the cycling & breathing

A2. Double Unders;

F; Practice for 30 seconds each set P; 30x Dubs S; 50x Dubs


B. 4 min AMRAP’s rest 1 min [19 min total]

Upper body muscle endurance – push yourselves!

1. Max Rep Pull Ups;

F; Chin Over Bar or Ring Row

P; CtB

S; Muscle Ups

2. Front Squat from the ground

F; KB or light BB P; 95-115/65-75 S; 135/95

3. Push Ups

F; Hand Release Push Ups P; Parallete Push Ups S; Ring Push Ups

4. Row for Cal; All

MAP; 7:30am + 5:30pm

2 min on 1 min off; x10 sets;

Odd; Row 250/200 meters + remaining is Wall Ball

Even; Run 200 meters + remaining time is Burpee Box Jump Over 

Score is total reps of wall ball & BBJ combined. Enjoy!