Feb 4 &5; Wednesday & Thursday

Feb 4 &5; Wednesday & Thursday

Feb 4 &5; Wednesday & Thursday

1. Ready to do some ‘real world good’ this month? For every check-in at High Voltage in February Sweat-Angels will provide glasses to kids in need!

2. ‘Sweatin’ with your sweetie! Our very first Valentine’s Day Couple’s WOD!

Next Saturday Feb 14 at 10am Team WOD. It’ll be a fun WOD that everyone can do so doesn’t matter if your other is a part of the gym or a yoga-lovin runner [“it’s not a real workout it’s FAKE!”] or if they train at a CrossFit box on the other side of LA like FBO’s does! Bring ’em!

3. This Sunday 11am – Row Like a MoFo! 

4. This Sunday we have another awesome TEAM of Katie Tarah House & Dan competing at the LA Fit Expo…more deets to come…but let’s all go out & support them. It was so cool seeing everyone support our teams last weekend let’s keep the good times rolling!

5. Come on out this Thursday morning – Coach House is gonna rock your quads on at 5:30 &6:30am.

He’ll also probably add 30# to your back squat…but that’s another story 🙂

6. Games.crossfit.com – get registered for Friday Night Lights…wristbands are going fast in the gym & we’re capping each team at 30 people…so get a band or it didn’t happen! Select Team High Voltage #electricnation


Wednesday’s Training;


A. Deadlift Progression;
One set every 2:30 for 12:30;

B. With a 12 min Running Clock; Run in waves;
For time or Complete As much as possible;
750m row [F; 500m]
50x KB Swing [Russian KB]
40x Burpee Box Jump Over [F: Burpees]
30x Pistols [F: Lunges P; Pistols or Striders S: Pistols]
20x Push Ups [S: Ring Push Ups P; Ring/Parallete F; Hand Release]

MAP; 6 min on 2 min off x4 stations; 7:30am + 6:30pm
1. 4x Burpee 4x V-Up
2. 8x KB Clean [4 each arm] + 4 Box Jump/Step Over]
3. 8x KB Swing 4x Hand release Push Ups
4. Row for Cal


And coming Thursday; 

Ax3; for skill
A1. GHD Sit Ups x10-15
A2. Turkish Get Ups x2 each arm rest 30 sec
A3. Handstand Hold; accumulate 30 sec rest 30 sec

B. Aerobic Power;
20 min AMRAP;
Run 400m [Fitness; 200m]
rest 1 min
Row 250m [Fitness; 150m]
rest 1 min
50x Double Unders [Fitness; 100 Jump Rope Passes Sport; 75x]
rest 1 min

Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Negative Pull Ups 3×5;
Skill; Push Press 4×5 working up in weight
WOD: Full Tabata at each station
rest 1 min to rotate – score is total combined reps
1. DB Push Press
2. Sit Ups
3. Box Step Overs