The High Voltage Weekly! Feb 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly! Feb 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly! Feb 9-15

This week at the box!

1. This Saturday at 10am…our very first ‘Sweat with your Sweetie’ WOD at High Voltage!

Got an ‘other’…or someone that you’d like to make your ‘other’? Bring them out…we’re calling all couples at High Voltage to this super fun event!

And…if you plan to hit the 9am Open Prep before all good. It’ll be a fun partner WOD at 10am.

2. The 2015 CrossFit Games Open & our own In House TEAM battle is heating up!

Last year we had almost 100 people registered…and we only move forward! I’d love to break the 100 Volt & Vixen barrier this year!

-We have over 60 people on the TEAM white board…if you haven’t gotten a colored wrist band for your TEAM ask your TEAM Coach to get one…then it’s official…well almost.

-To make it Facebook Official #fbo – you’ve got to go to Games.CrossFit.Com – then register & choose the team ‘High Voltage #electricnation!

-It doesn’t matter how you score or if you do the scaled or Rx division. This is all about giving your Full Effort showing up & throwing down. I’ll have the full point spread for everyone on Wednesday.

3. Big congrats to our team of 4 that threw down & represented at the LA Fit Expo! 

So when you see Katie Tarah House & Dan be sure to give them a big fist bump for giving their full effort & representing each of us!

4. Sunday at 11am is our monthly Skillz Class taugh by Coaches Dan & House!

If any of the movements leading up to the Open make you nervous THIS is the place to tackle them…it’s not a metcon…it’s all skill work baby!


Monday’s Training


Ax4-5 [about 10 min]
A1. Power Clean; 1.1.1 rest 10 sec between attempts building up to starting weights
A2. Muscle Up Transitions;
S. 3-5 Muscle Ups for quality/transition
P; Banded Transitions x5/Kips on rings if applicable
F; Low Ring Transition [no band]

Build up in weight on power cleans to starting weight for B

B. 5 min AMRAP; go as far as you can
and change your own plates –
if you are done before 5 min is up perform as many bar facing
burpees as possible.
3 Unbroken Power Cleans
(225/145 lbs: S)
[175/115: P]
3 Bar-Facing Burpees

6 Unbroken Power Cleans
(205/135 lbs: S)
[155/105: P)
6 Bar-Facing Burpees

9 Unbroken Power Cleans
(185/125 lbs: S)
(135/95: P)
9 Bar-Facing Burpees

12 Unbroken Power Cleans
(135/95 lbs: S)
(95/65: P)
12 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 5 min; [partner can go during this time]

C. 5 min AMRAP;
10x Burpees
30x Double Unders
F; 50x Single Unders

MAP; 7:30am + 6:30pm
6 min on 3 min off;
1. 3-6-9 climbing lader of;
KB Swings

2. 3-6-9 climbing ladder of;
Hand Release Push Ups
Box Jumps + Step Down

3. 3-6-9 climbing ladder of;

Slam Ball

Sit Ups

And coming Tuesday;


1k Row for time
50x CtB Pull Ups
30x Thrusters
[S; 115/75][P; 95/65#][F: DB Thruster + Jumping Pull Ups


B. Every 2 min for 10 min
Front Squat x3 reps; every 2
Fitness x5 reps; 31×1
70% of 1RM: P
75-80% of 1RM: S
+Seated DB/KB Press x8-10

Fitness Only; 6:30pm;
Skill: Rowing Technique
+Thruster Technique

WOD: “Jackie”
1k Row
50x Thruster
30x Pull Ups [jumping pull ups as needed]