Friday & The Weekend; Feb 20-22

Friday & The Weekend; Feb 20-22

Friday & The Weekend; Feb 20-22

Big weekend at the box…

We’re starting out HOT on Friday with….


You knew it was coming…and yes it can be scary for some…but this is about giving your Full Effort!

If you’ve never done it before we’ve got options & coaching to make sure you do it appropriately for the level you’re at.

If you’ve done it a bunch…well…once more into the breach dear friends!

-Secondly – Friday Night at 6:30pm [and yes there’s still a regular 6:30pm class] we’re having our kick off 2015 TEAM High Voltage meeting & training!

I’m so excited with all the questions I have about this very special program that our box offers.

If you’re at all interested please come to the session – 6:30-about 8pmish.

We’ll be covering your training goals for the year nutrition & fueling prep for the Open & competition and a bunch of other cool stuff.

If you’re gonna hit Fran during the day all good. Come anyways to get your learning on.

If you decide to join this awesome group who pushes & holds each other accountable to the highest level it’s $100 for the entire year.

We train monthly sometimes more go to competitions together and generally have a good time seeing just what we’re made of.

-Saturday & Sunday are regular Schedule. No specialty class this Sunday.

Saturday at 9am is also our last of our Open Prep Training…so come & get some!


Friday’s Training;


Warm up &
Run in waves
A. “Fran”
21-15-9 reps for time;
95/65# Thruster/Pull Ups

F: DB Thruster + Pull Ups
P; As Rx’d;
S: 95/65# + CtB Pull Ups

Have all Sport peeps go in first heat…then with 15 min rest [final heat]
Then Sport will perform one more time if possible;
15-12-9 reps /or 12-9-6 if they can’t get 15-12-9 again.
CtB Pull Ups

B. Finish with;
Mobility/cool down row

MAP; 7:30am + 5:30pm

1. 6x Wall Ball 3x Pull Ups
2. 6x V-Ups 3x Man Makers [Light]
3. 6x Slam Ball 3x Burpees
4. Row for cal