The High Voltage Weekly; Feb 23-March 1

The High Voltage Weekly; Feb 23-March 1

The High Voltage Weekly; Feb 23-March 1

This week at the box!


This Friday from 5:30pm -7:30pm we’re hosting our annual super awesome event!

Coach Sarah has graciously stepped up & is going to be leading a ‘Coached’ warm up at 5:45pm…

You can of course warm up on your own…but we KNOW the value of being shown the best way!

We’ll be going over the Open WOD rules standards expectations scalings etc BEFORE the Coached warm up portion.

The first heat will start at 6pm.

And…this also kicks off our fun ‘TEAM’ competition. The points are easy. Just register at and then make sure to log your score for Rx or Scaled every week.

Your team earns points solely based on the % of people logging scores. It doesn’t matter how well you do if it’s your first time or if you scale everything and just perform 1 rep. It’s your Full Effort that matters to us your coaches.

  • For this first Friday Night we’re asking that everyone wears the brand new High Voltage Open 2015 T-Shirt from Life as Rx on Friday Night! The shirts are in go grab one while they last.
  • We’ll be having a pot-luck after the final heat. so bring something small to share food drink whatever.
  • If you bring a friend to watch they’ll get a ‘Yeah Buddy Pass’ – which will get them into a complementary class to be held soon and just for you & them.
  • Even cooler? If they bring a friend their friend will get a ‘Yeah Buddy Pass’ as well! There’s no limit to how many people you can help.

2. For March there will be no Sunday Specialty Classes.

They will resume in April.

Every Sunday in March at 11am we’ll be hosting our ‘2nd Chance Sundays’ for an additional chance to either do or re-do the weekly Open WOD.

This class will run from 11am to 12pm right after the Energizer.

This will be much more organized than last year. There will be a coach-led warm up and heats. You cannot just roll in at 11:50 & hope to get a judge. There is a lot of time that our Coaches put into make this happen and we’re very honored they are helping our athletes in this way. I ask that the athletes be respectful of the coach’s time and be prompt and ready to rock!

3. On Friday night I’ll also be announcing our new ‘MAP Only’ membership.

I’ve gotten so many requests about this from many of you – whether it’s for yourself or for a friend who wants something more than a bootcamp but isn’t quite ready [mentally or physically] for our main CrossFit program.

We’re not changing our MAP class – it’s proven to be an integral key in so many of your performance weight loss and longevity plans – I do think this can be a perfect entry point for many new to our gym and as a longevity piece for many of you to stay healthy & fit!


Monday’s Training;


A. One set every 90 sec for 12 min

3 Position Power Snatch;

High Hang Below Knee Floor

working up in weight but technique over intensity on this

Fitness; 3x Hang Power Snatch or 6x Alt Arm DB Snatch

B. 15 min Alt EMOM; for pacing

B1. Double Unders

F; 30 sec double under work

P; 30x Dubs S; 50x Dubs

B2. Toes to Bar

F; Sit Ups x10-12 reps

P; x8-10 S; 10-12

B3. Row

F; Row 100m

P/S; 150m

MAP [7:30am + 6:30pm]

One Set every minute for 9 min

rest 2 min x3 sets;

1. Double Unders

F; 30 sec double under work

P; 30x Dubs S; 50x Dubs

2. Toes to Bar

F; Sit Ups x10-12 reps

P; x8-10 S; x 10-12

3. Row

F; Row 100m

P/S; 150m


And Coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only: 6:30pm
Skill; Push Press;
4×5 rest 60-90sec after each set

WOD: 2 min per station rest 1 min to rotate;
1. Wall Ball
2. Burpees
3. SIt Ups
4. DB Push Press
5. Row for Cal


A. Back Squat
One set every 2 min for 12 min;

B. 2 min AMRAP;
rest 1 min per station
1. Squat Clean

F; KB Front Squat/ P; 135/95#/ S; 165/110#

2. Burpees & Pull Ups

F; 3x Burpees + 3x Jumping Pull Ups

P; 3x Burpee 3x CtB pull Ups

S; 5x Burpees 5x CtB Pull Ups

3. Wall Ball

Max Rep Wall Ball

4. Push Ups/Dips

F; Hand Release Push Ups

P/S: Dips [ring or static]