Wednesday & Thursday; Feb 25&26

Wednesday & Thursday; Feb 25&26

Wednesday & Thursday; Feb 25&26

We’re getting Sooooooo close to one of the biggest parties of the year…

Our first Friday Night Lights of 2015.

DJ with the beats? Check

2015 Open T-Shirts arrived & on time? Check

Team Wrist Bands being passed out & repped? Check

Registered at Check [for most of you – we’re currently in 19th place in SoCal with the MOST peeps registered! Thank you all for being always so awesome.

Potluck game on point for Friday Night? Check

Friends ready to come cheer you on? Check

‘Yeah Buddy’ passes ready to be given to EVERY friend who comes on Friday night? Check


Pretty good list right?


Now all we need is YOU!

Whether you’re competing or not your energy is needed. As a group we come together to make all this suffering special.

And when you think you can’t get another rep…it might just be YOU who pushes someone to accomplish what they thought was impossible.

But you gotta be here Friday night 5:30pm -7:30pm to help make this amazing.


Wednesday’s Training;



A1. Overhead Squat

F; OHS x5 w/1 second pause at top & bottom

P/S; 3x Snatch Grip Behind Neck Push Press 3x OHS

working up in weight to a tough but doable set w/great form

A2. Hollow Rock x10-12 rocks

B. 3 Rounds for time;

400m run


KB Swings

Box Jumps +Step Down

F: Russian Swings + Step Ups

P; 53/35 & 24/20″

S; 70/53 & 30/24″

MAP; 7:30am/6:30pm

One set every 3 min for 30 min

Odd; Run 400m + 60x Jump Rope Passes

Even; Row 500/400m [M/F] + 10x Slam Ball


and coming Thursday;

Fitness Only; 6:30pm

Deadlift; 4×5; 2020 tempo
rest 60-90 sec after each set

3 rounds for time;
200m run


Fitness/Performance/Sport [no 4:30pm class for the next 5 weeks]

Ax3-4. Skillz;
A1. Handstand Hold x30 sec

F: HS Kick Ups/Walk Walks

P: Hold against wall

S; Freestanding
A2. Front Leaning Rest on Rings;
F; Plank Hold [no rings] 30 sec
P/S; FLR on Rings; 30 seconds cumulative
A3. Turkish Get Ups x2-3 each arm smooth

F; Row 200m rest 3 min
P; Row 250m rest 3 min
S; Row 300m rest 3 min
at sustainable efforts; not for PR’s
Each set should be the same.

C. Mobility/Finisher as needed