The High Voltage Weekly; March 2-8, 2015

The High Voltage Weekly; March 2-8, 2015

The High Voltage Weekly; March 2-8, 2015

This week at the box!

1. Congrats to Coach Deb who gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Ethan Blake who is a healthy 20 1/4 inches 7 lbs 8oz! We are all so happy for you & excited to have more beautiful babies fill up our Lil’ Sparx!!!

2. WOW! Friday Night Lights was…so many types of awesome!

Thank you to everyone who came out gave their full effort in

So many PR’s…not even sure where to start on this one – but I think a lot of you surprised yourself.

We’ve got 4 more weeks of having fun…this Friday Night’s ‘theme’ is your Team Colors…so rep your team & continue to have a great time proving your fitness.

3. Congrats to our Volt Serge who went to Boston to rep High Voltage at the Crash B World Indoor Rowing Championships!

He put himself out there gave his Full Effort and ended up with a lifetime PR of 6:28.2 for a 2000 meter row! Great work bro we’re all proud of you!

4. And…our Newest Program! 

Actually…our Max Aerobic Power [MAP] Class has been SO awesome that we’ve all decided on some BIG thangs happening for it!

  • First – the class format times and training methodology [maximum aerobic power aka MAP] will stay the same. It works – and if you haven’t heard me brag about it – I’m very happy that we’ve found a way to have a higher cardio/longer endurance training class that isn’t just random ass exercising. ‘Ok…run 5 miles 500 burpees…’ – but fits into our overall progression based program uses compound functional movements AND people can easily train at on their first session with us AND focus on body composition goals. Yes. Proud!

LSD is a thing of the past [long slow distance…not…well you know]. Max Aerobic Power is here to stay. I’ll back up this point of view & line of reasoning to anyone.

  • Second – we’re now going to be offering it as a separate program for people who are interested in getting started at High Voltage with this class and also want a higher cardio workout & big body composition focus.
  • Third – we’re changing the name to something a little more descriptive than my uber scientific name of ‘Maximum Aerobic Power’ – which is still the methodology we’ll be using of course.

Now MAP will be called ‘Fusion’ – full name High Voltage – Cardio Fusion but if you just say Fusion I think we’ll all get the point.

  • Memberships? Yes – we are going to be offering separate memberships for people who only want to come to Fusion…these will be announced shortly.

Fusion memberships will not include other CrossFit classes we offer doesn’t include Open Gym time etc.

We will be having a ‘Founders Club’ for our Fusion memberships. When we announce the deets it’ll go like this;

Memberships 1-10 will have the lowest intro rate. Memberships 11-20 will have the next lowest rate. Memberships 21-30 will have the next lowest rate. After that it will be the normal Fusion Membership Rates.

And yes – everyone who still attends the gym has Fusion INCLUDED in your current membership. Just keep showing up showing up to Fusion bring your friends & generally be awesome!

So – if you have friends & family who are looking for a class & program like this – who want more of the cardio more of our Max Aerobic Power training that has worked so well [because science] let them know…I expect these 30 initial ‘Founders Club’ memberships to go fast…stay tuned for the launch dates!



Monday’s Training


A. 10 min Alt EMOM;

A1. Front Squat

F; x5 reps; 31×1

P/S; x2 reps; 50 60 70 80 85%


Fitness; Dips x3-5 reps [assisted as needed]

P; Muscle Up Transitions +Dip x3-5 reps

S; Muscle Ups x3-5 reps


B. 3 min AMRAP; rest 3 min [18 min total]


Set 1. 5x Hang Squat Clean 10x Box Jump Over [no step over]
Set 2. 10x Front Squat 30x Double Unders
Set 3. 15x Wall Ball 20x Double Unders

F; KB Front Squat + step over
P; 95-115/65-80#]
S; 135/95
Fsq all from the ground

High Voltage Cardio Fusion [Max Aerobic Power]

7:30am + 6:30pm; 

3 sets through; no additional rest time other than the 1 min period.

3 min on 1 min off; [32 min total]

1. 8x Wall ball 4x Burpees

2. 8x KB Swings 4x Box Step Over/Jump Over

3. Row for Cal


And coming Tuesday;

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill; Double Under instruction
Skill; Press + Push Press
4 sets of; 3x Press + 5x Push Press [unbroken]


A. Alt EMOM for 15 min;
A1. Power Clean x3 working on cycling working up in weight

F: Hang Power Clean P/S; [high hang below knee floor]


F: Seated DB Press x5-7 reps

P/S: 5-7x HSPU

A3. CtB Pull Ups;
F; work on kipping
P; CtB 7-10
S: 10-15 reps unbroken if possible for density

B. 15-12-9 reps for time;
Power Clean
Burpees over bar

F: KB Swings
P; 115/135 -75-85#
S: 155/105