Wednesday & Thurdsday; March 4&5

Wednesday & Thurdsday; March 4&5

Wednesday & Thurdsday; March 4&5

So excited for the great turnouts Monday at our newly named Cardio Fusion class!

Thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word on our newest program.

Our next TWO Fusion classes will be Wednesday at 7:30am + Wednesday at 6:30pm which is generally the biggest group of the week & has some amazing energy!

-This Friday Night will be our 2nd of 5 Friday Night Lights. I’ll be honest last week’s energy to kick this thing off will be really hard to top…but you know we’ll give it our Full Effort.

Friends & Family are of course welcome and yes they’ll also get the coveted ‘Yeah Buddy Pass’ Buddy Pass. Say it out loud it’s fun.

No potluck this week – just getting down to business & crushing the workout together!

The theme is Team Colors so hopefully that makes sense on what to do 🙂


Wednesday’s Training:


WOD: 6 min on 4 min off

More than 1 heat? Run person 1 at 0:00 and person 2 at 5:00.


F; Scaled as needed

P: 44-53/26-35

S; 53-70/44-53

Set 1.
500 meter row
10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24”/20”)
20 DB Shoulder to Overhead [2DB’s]
30 Kettlebell Swings
40x Dubs

rest 4 min

Set 2. AMRAP in 6 min
400m run
10x Burpee Box Jump Overs
20x DB Shoulder to Overhead
30x DB Snatch [Single Arm same weight as DB overhead]
40x Dubs

rest 4 min;

Set 3. AMRAP in 6 min
500m Row
10 burpee box jump over [24/20″
20x DB Shoulder to Overhead
30x KB Swings
40x Dubs


Cardio Fusion: 7:30am + 6:30pm [Max Aerobic Power]

8 min on 3 min off x3 sets

Set 1. 100m run

10x Push Ups/Ring Push Ups

10x V-Ups

Set 2. 100m Row

10x Wall Ball

Set 3. 100x Jump Rope Passes

10x KB Walking Lunge

3x DB Man Makers

Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Kipping Pull Up instruction

Skill: Overhead Squat 4×5 rest 60-90 sec after each set

WOD: Tabata at each station;

rest 1 min to rotate

1. Overhead Squat

2. Sit Ups

3. Row for Cal


Fitness/Performance/Sport: [no 4:30pm Firebreathers until after the Open is complete]

Ax4; 12 min Alt EMOM; Skillz for quality

A1. Hang Power Snatch x3 reps

F/P; Hang Power Snatch + OHS x3&3

S; Hang Squat Snatch x3; for technique

A2. Hollow Rock x10-12 reps

A3. Handstand Hold

F; Wall Walk x3-4

P; Handstand Hold; 30 sec cumulative

S; Handstand Hold w/shoulder taps; 30 seconds


B. 3 Rounds for time;

400m run to start each round

followed by 21-15-9 of;

Hand Release Push Ups [F/P/S]

V-Ups [F; Sit Ups][round 1 run 400m +21 each then 400m run + 15 then 400m run +9 each]