The High Voltage Weekly: March 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly: March 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly: March 9-15

This week at the Box!

1. Wednesday we’ll be dropping the first 10 of our Cardio-Fusion ‘Founders Club’ Memberships!

Stay tuned…there’s only going to be 10 of these available for family & friends who like to get shredded & have never-stop energy…I mean…if they’re into that type of thing.

2. Your CrossFit Open scores must be input by 5pm on Monday [today] to

We cannot input the scores for you unfortunately you must input them to the games website yourself.

We’ll also be launching our very own ‘custom leaderboard’ for the Open. Just for fun bragging rights ok…crap I’m going to do this WOD 5 more times! Ok I’ve calmed down…we’ll make the link to this page when it’s available on Tuesday.

3. This Friday Night Lights is ON 5:30pm-7:30pm. Thank you all for making the first 2 FNL’s of 2015 pretty freaking amazing…this week is once again Team Colors

4. New Equipment! Jerk Blocks from Rogue Fitness!

We are very excited to announce that we now have the best ‘Jerk Blocks/Lifting Blocks’ in the game.

You’ll know them when you see them…and not many have these let alone also have the ability to

5. Finally big congrats to Coach Tim for passing the tests on all 5 courses of the Level 1 OPEX [formerly OPT] Coaching Certification Program [Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching Business Systems Assessment and Program Design].

He’s taking on the final ‘Case Study’ portion of this thorough program. Less than 100 coaches in the world have finished all 5 courses and passed their tests and less than 40 have been able to pass the Case Study.

What’s really cool? Coach Sarah’s husband Dave is one of those 40 [along with CJ Martin of Invictus]! Yeah we keep great company right!?

As part of the final Case Study Tim ‘may’ be asking you to help perform some various aspects of the case study…stay tuned!


Monday’s Training:

F/P/S; A. 14 min alt Emom;
A1. Power clean:

F; 3x hang power; P/S build to heavy single

Note – if grip is ‘recovering’ from 15.2…look to work up to about 85% of max…
A2. F: push ups x8-10

P/S; 20 sec AMRAP ring dips [does not have to be unbroken]

B. 50-40-30-20-10 double unders + 10 burpees after every round
f: 3-1 singles
P: Dubs & Burpees
S: Unbroken Dubs

Fusion [7:30am + 6:30pm; Max Aerobic Power]

4 min on 2 min off; [34 min total]
1. 50x Jump Rope Passes 5x Burpees
2. 10x KB Swings 5x Box Step Over/Jump Over
3. Row for Cal


 Tuesday’s Training


A. Front Squat + Push Press
One set every 2 min for 10 min;
F: 5-7x Goblet Squat
P/S: 3x Front Squat working up in weight not to max

10 min alt EMOM;
B1. Thruster x8-10 reps

F: DB’s P: 100/65# S: 115/80#
B2. Muscle Up Transition
F; Ring Row x5-7
P: Transtitional work/kipping on rings x3-5
S: Muscle Ups x3-5

C. 6 min AMRAP;
Max Rep Wall Ball;
Every break = 100m run

Fitness Only: 6:30pm

Pre-Skill: Double Under instruction
Skill: Thruster; 4×5 working up in weight
WOD: 10 min AMRAP;
10x Wall Ball
30x Jump Rope Passes
100m Run