Friday & The Weekend; March 27-29

Friday & The Weekend; March 27-29

Friday & The Weekend; March 27-29

The Party is ON tonight!

It’s the final workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open…and whether you’ve done all 4 of the WOD’s so far…or have been busy cheering people on to their Full Effort – we need YOU here tonight!

I mean who else is going to help us get down to the DJ potluck and some post-workout dranks.

It’s the Open is Over Party! Bring your friends & family!

2. Regular schedule all weekend a the box.

3. Our Prognex Protein Pre-Sale will wrap up on Tuesday March 31!

So – if your waiting to get back on the gain train…or need additional help recovering after tough workouts then get hooked up with the exact flavors & sizes you need!

Sign up is next to the whiteboard.


Friday’s Training:

15.5 & Scaled 15.5

Friday Night Lights runs from 5:30-7:30pm with our ‘The Open is Over’ Party after!


Fusion: 7:30am 

8 min on 3 min off x3 stations

1. Row 100m

+10x DB Thruster

2. Run 100m

+10x Push Up/Ring Push Up

+10x V-Up

3. Double Unders x50

+10x 2kb front rack walking lunges

+3x DB Man Makers