Spring into Summer Challenge

Spring into Summer Challenge

Spring into Summer Challenge

Spring into Summer Challenge.

That’s right our next super-awesome 24 Day Challenge is SET!

So if you’re ready to cleanse your body get a jump start on getting more lean for bathing suit season

or just need that extra boost to ramp up your training –

THIS is the 24 Day Challenge you’re looking for.

But we make sure everyone who does this challenge does it right we can only take a limited amount of people per challenge.

For the Spring into Summer Challenge we are only taking 10 people.

Registration will end once we hit our 10 people [which usually happens pretty fast]

and intake will start Friday April 16.

So – if you’re ready for more of the awesome results that you’ve seen so many people at the box get

then email carly@crossfithighvoltage.com & she’ll get you all set up!

2. TEAM High Voltage is ON this Saturday at 1pm.

New Volts & Vixens are welcome to join…this one we’ll be digging into training for the upcoming year how to do ‘goat’ work and playing a little ‘Grid’. Be there!


Wednesday’s Training;

Murph…wait no Double Murph.

Yeah that’s it. That’s the April Fools joke you were all waiting for 🙂


A. 12 min; One set every 2 min for 12 min
2x Clean Extension + 2x Power Clean
F: Hang High Pull x2 + HPC x2

B. 15 min AMRAP;
200m run
10/7x Strict Chin Up [M/W]
10/7x Dips [M/W]
rest 1 min after each round

F: Jumping Pull Ups/Hand Release Push Ups

P: Banded or strict [get as many strict first then go to banded]/Static or Ring Dip

S: Strict Chin Up + Ring Dips
Fusion; 7:30am + 6:30pm
2 sets through;
4 min on 2 min off [8 intervals total]
1. 3x Burpee 3x Pull Ups
2. 5x Wall Ball 5x V-Ups
3. Row for Cal

no additional rest period other than the 2 min period



Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Skill: Push Press 4×5
WOD; 15 min AMRAP;
100m Run
10x DB Push Press
15x Sit Ups

F/P/S; [FireBreather’s is back ON at 4:30pm]

Back Squat;
F: x8-10 reps; 30×1 rest 90 sec-2 min after each set
P/S x5 reps: 30×1; rest 2 min after each set
working up in weight.

Strict Press
working up in weight for both groups

C. Tabata Sit Ups Low Score
then; immediately into max time plank hold
only rest is 10 second rest interval