The High Voltage Weekly! April 6-12

The High Voltage Weekly! April 6-12

The High Voltage Weekly! April 6-12

This week at the box!

1. Full Schedule all week at the box including Sunday Specialty Class!

2. Our Spring into Summer 24 Day Challenge has only 4 spaces left.

All supplements meal replacements measurements & guidance is included in this challenge! We’ve now had experience putting people through this challenge all over the country but in the box we’ve seen some of our BEST results! Whether it’s to get healthy & reset before summer hits…or if it’s to drop 7-20# [yes really] then this is the challenge for you.

4 spots left – please email or sign up on the whiteboard. Intake starts next week.

3. We had another AMAZING TEAM High Voltage training session. I got a few emails asking since last weekend was a holiday weekend and weren’t able to attend.

Yes if you sign up for TEAM High Voltage 2015 this week you’ll still be able to attend all of our special TEAM only trainings competition prep TEAM #knowledgebomb sessions…and all the other awesomeness that this group gets to do every year. $100 for the entire year and it included our awesome new TEAM shirt!

Our next TEAM traning is Saturday May 2 and is for TEAM HV members only.

4. Fusion is ON & the feedback has been great with the small tweaks we’ve made to the class to make it an even sweatier-cardio fest.

Have a friend who is interested? Just bring them with you to try out a class with you during the month of April!

You got it – all April you have a friend who wants to try out a Fusion class…just bring em with you – 1 class per buddy tho please 🙂

MWF 7:30am. MW 6:30pm. F 5:30pm.

5. This Sunday we have our Row Like a MoFo Class at 11am…after the Energizer at 10am!

Did the rowing CRUSH you [like it did me] on 15.5 & you need to improve?  Or do you want to be like our Volt Serge who started out in this class & then competed at the Crash-B Indoor Rowing World Championships?

Either way our resident Rowing Coach Jeff has the knowledge to blow your mind & get the most out of you.

Best of all – our Sunday Specialty courses are included in everyone’s membership! You’ve just gotta show up & do the work!

6. And finally…Murph Prep is back ON for every Friday through Memorial Day!

Get ready for our biggest Community event of the year…and one of the hardest workouts…with our training

designed to help you give your best performance!

What is Murph? Who is Murph? Stay tuned Wednesday & we’ll drop the deets.


Monday’s Training:


Ax5; Deadlift working up in weight rest 90 sec after each set

F; 5-7; 2020

P/S; x3; 2020 tempo

B. 3 rounds; 1 min on 30 sec off – total reps

1. Single Arm KB Clean [From hang does not have to touch floor every rep]

F; Single Arm Russian KB Swing [or both arm depending on level]

2. Core;

F; Lemon Squeezers

P/S: V-Ups

3. Row for Cal

Fusion; 7:30am + 6:30pm

‘The Sissy Test’

KB Swings Counting Down

Burpees Counting Up

For time Choose Rep Schemes;

Lil Sissy – 15-1/1-15

Big Sissy – 20-1/1-20

KB Weight; 35/26 [or lighter as needed]

33 min Cap


Tuesday’s Training;

Fitness Only – 6:30pm;
Skill; Front Squat 4×3

working up to a heavy set of 3
WOD: 12 min AMRAP;
10x Wall Ball
50x Double Unders
100m run

A. Front Squat;
one set every 2 min for 10 min;
F; x5 reps; 31×1 tempo
P; x3 reps w/1 second pause in bottom
S; 1&1/4 squats x3 reps working up in weight

focus is on technique & positioning not on max weight

B; Press 4×3; rest 60 sec after each set
working up to a heay set of 3 reps[warm up set first is ok]

C. 8 min AMRAP;
10x Wall Ball
30x Double Unders

F; scale weight + 60x Single Unders
P; as rx – adjust weight so you can mostly go unbroken on WB.
S; 30/20 + Dubs unbroken each set