The High Voltage Weekly

The High Voltage Weekly

The High Voltage Weekly

This week at the box!

1. One Rep Deadlifts! Come pull some heavy stuff off the ground Monday!

2. Fusion is rocking one of the toughest endurance WOD’s that my buddy Nathan Holiday of Next Level CrossFit wrote for the NLI way back in 2011…oh man…it crushed us…give it a shot!

3. Skillz Class this Sunday at 11am with Coach Dan!

Did you struggle with various skillz during the Open? Then THIS is the time to work on them…and this class is included in your awesome membership at High Voltage…so be there!

4. Murph Training is…ON! We’ll be finalizing the date on Wednesday’s Blog…we’re trying to see if Memorial Day weekend is best this year or the week after. We’ll let you know as soon as we make sure our Biggest Community Event…gets our biggest turn out!

5. Our Facebook ‘Sweat Angels’ Check-In donation platform is going amazing. We just received a banner for being one of the top 100 gyms in the country for check-ins. Every time you check in we make a donation that does real world good…and we’ve done so much of it so far!

Make sure to ‘check in’ every time you’re at the box…and let people know you’re doing it for good & not just because you love it 🙂


Monday’s Training;


A. Deadlift; in 15-20 min;
singles to max; no tempo just go for it
F; x3 reps or 1 rep; 2020 tempo
P/S; x1 rep no tempo…but I want up and down.

B. For time; [10 min cap]
21-15-9 reps for time;
Single Arm KB Clean [F; Single Arm KB Swing]
Toes to Bar [F; Sit Ups]
200m run

Fusion; 730am & 630pm
40 min AMRAP;
400m run
30x KB Swing – 26/35
20x Burpees


Tuesday’s Training;

Fitness Only 6:30pm
Skill: Push Press;
4×3 working up to a 3RM
WOD; 12 min AMRAP;
10x DB Push Press
10x DB Walking Lunge [holding the DB]
100m run


A. Push Press; find 1RM in 12 min
F; x3 reps working up
P/S; as rxd

B. HSPU – Upper Body Pushing Repeatability

-max reps unbroken x3 attempts
total combined reps…looking for fall off AND
high score. rest no more than 2 min after each attempt
F; Max rep push ups unbroken x3 attempts

P/S; HSPU/Piked [abmat ok]

C. Rowing; Fatigue Repeatability
F; 500m Row for time
P/S; 500m Row for time rest 90 sec 500m row for time
-compare first & second sets.