Friday & The Weekend! April 17-19

Friday & The Weekend! April 17-19

Friday & The Weekend! April 17-19

Friday Murph Prep Training is hitting full speed….as is our testing week!

There’s been just copious amounts of PR’s…I’m very proud of everyone’s effort & progress – all the work we do on the small things – the tempo work the additional mobility the insights that we all share to help move our performances forward…it all leads up you each of us consistently moving forward.

This Sunday – Coach Dan is leading his ‘Skillz’ Class – it’s Sunday at 11am. We’ve seen a ton of breakthroughs & ‘aha’ moments after people attend…so why not attend?

  • Finally – this Saturday at 9am…it’s the start of our Summer ‘Shred-Fest’ class! 
This class focuses on body composition & getting ripped by using tempo training and compound functional movements with a goal of improved aesthetics.
Get ready for the beach…or the gun show…here!
Regular schedule all weekend; Shred-Fest Team WOD [Partner WOD] Barbell Strengf Energizer Skillz. Boom.


Friday’s Training;


A. Back Squat;
Find 1RM in 15 min;

+NME Test;
85% of max from A for max reps

B. 10 min of Cindy
5x Pull Up
10x Push Up
15x Squat

S; Big Cindy
10x Pull Ups
20x Push Ups
30x Squats

P; As rx

F; 3/6/9 or scaled appropriately

Fusion; 7:30am + 5:30pm

8 min AMRAP;
100m run
10x Pull Up
20x Push Up
30x Squats
rest 2 min

8 min AMRAP;
Rowing for Cal

rest 2 min;

8 min AMRAP
100m run
10x KB Swings
20x Sit Ups
30x Jumping Lunges