Friday & The Weekend

Friday & The Weekend

Friday & The Weekend

Full weekend ahead of us at the box!

1. Murph Prep is ON for Friday – both our Fitness/Performance/Sport classes and our Fusion will each be running different progressions for our Monday May 25 9:30am Memorial Day Murph event!

So if you’re NOT making Friday’s a part of your regular training…get on it bro! #doyouevenfridaywod

2. Saturday’s 9am Shred-Sesh is ON!

If you’re looking for even more body-composition work this is THE class for you.

10am Partner/Team WOD is ON!

11am Barbell Strength is ON! Want to throw some weight around?

Sunday Energizer WOD is also ON! Ready for a mental AND physical test?

Then show up Sunday at 10am & be ready to sweat.


Friday’s Training:


A. Practice Running Technique for 5-10 min

B. “Cindy”
or “Mary”
5x Pull Ups
10x Push Ups
15x Squats

10x Alt Leg Pistols
15x Pull Ups

Fusion; 7:30am + 5:30pm
One set every minute for 30 minutes –
if you miss a round try to jump back on the next.
Score is total rounds completed out of 30 minutes.

5x Pull Ups 10x Push Ups 15x Squats

Scale down to 4/8/12 3/6/9 as needed