Friday & The Weekdend! May 1-3

Friday & The Weekdend! May 1-3

Friday & The Weekdend! May 1-3

  • Let’s Kick Off May in a Big Way [also it rhymes so there’s that].

First off – don’t forget that we’ve normalized our schedule for Friday Night Fusion & FPS classes –

This weekend at the box we have TEAM High Voltage Throwing Down at 1pm! 

And then Sunday at 11am we have our monthly super awesome Vixens Class! 

Shred-Fest is super popular and is ON all summer at 9am on Saturday 

then Team/partner WOD at 10am & Barbell Strength at 11am…

and the Energizer is ON Sunday at 10am [before Vixens class!]

Finally – for those of you following along at home I’m very proud to say that I passed the OPEX Level 1 Case Study! After passing the 5 different coaching processes [assessment program design lifestyle coaching nutrition and business systems] I had to turn in this enormous Case Study…

It was much more like a masters thesis than it was a gym certification…and I think that’s a good thing.

The final project I turned in included over 50 written pages plus program designs for all different types of people plus site scores & nutritional work video analysis and a bunch more…there’s only 40 people in the world that have passed this course designed by James FitzGerald – winner of the first CrossFit Games and he is thorough to say the least.

I’m very honored to be able to continue to bring each of you that comes through our doors to make sure that we are able to provide everyone a pathway to reach your goals to help you through the hard times the good times and all the times in between.

Thank you for trusting and believing in us.

We all promise to do everything we can to continue to do everything we can to help move the needle forward in your health and fitness.


Friday’s Training: 

Fitness/Performance/Sport [now 5:30pm is FPS Fusion is now 6:30pm!]

A. Front Squat;

Fitness; 4×8; 31×1 tempo rest 60-90 seconds

Performance/Sport; 4×3; 1&1/4 Front Squats working up

B. Murph Prep

AMRAP in 20

F; 200m run + 2 rounds of 5x Pull up 10x Push up 15x Squat rest 30 seconds after

P: 400m Run + 2 Rounds of 10x Pull Ups 20x Push Ups 30x Squats

S; 400m Run + 2 Rounds of 10x CtB Pull Ups 10x Ring Push Ups 30x Squats

Fusion: 7:30am and 6:30pm! [not 5:30pm now Friday Fusion is just like the other days!]

One set every 3 min for 30 min;

Run 200m +

Lil’ Fusion: 2 sets of 3x Pull Up Jumping Pull up 6x Push Up 9x Squat

Big’Fusion; 2 sets of 5x Pull Up 10x Push Up 15x Squat