The High Voltage Weekly! May 4-10

The High Voltage Weekly! May 4-10

The High Voltage Weekly! May 4-10

This week at the box!

1. Our monthly Facebook check in donations this month are going to support the victims in Nepal! Check in early check in often and do real world good!

2. Row Like a MoFo is ON for this Sunday at 11am…

Just a hint…there’s gonna be a few benchmark WOD’s coming up with rowing….

3. Memorial Day Murph is ON for Monday May 25 at 9:30am…we’re 3 weeks out…get ready to have some fun!

4. Our Spark Starter Packs are back for May! It’s the best way to get started at the box! Any 2 classes over 3 days for just $29…and you know what is the best part…yeah…you know it…

when you join we’ll apply that $ towards your first month membership!

We had this in February & had 18 people get started with us…then we turned it off for March & April due to the Open & all the other events we had going on…but now it’s back and we’re ready for you & your friends! – let’s get going!


Monday’s Training:


A. 10 min; one set every 2 min;
F: 3x Hang Power Clean + 3x Push Press
P/S; 3x Power Clean + 3x Push Jerk
working up in weight touch & go

B1. Clean High Pull x4 reps rest 30 sec
F: Clean Grip DL x4
P/S; Clean High Pull x4
B2. HSPU x AMRAP-2 rest 30 sec
F: Push Ups
P/S; HSPU/Defecit

C. 21-15-9 reps for time
Toes to bar
KB Swings

[Fitness – Lemon Squeezers/Russian KBS]

Fusion: 7:30am + 6:30pm

4 min on 1 min off x6 total sets [each station 2x]

1. 8x KB Swings 8x V-Ups

2. Row for Cal

3. 4x DB Man Makers 80x Jump Rope Passes



And Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only: 6:30pm]

[perfect for our new beginners or anyone wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of CrossFit]

Skill: Strict Pull Ups 4×5; 31A1
+ Front Squat technique

WOD: lil’ Nancy
15 min AMRAP;
200m run
10x KB Front Squats

Ax4; for quality;
A1. Strict Pull Ups;
F: 31A1 x5 reps
P: 31×1 x3 reps weighted
S: 31X1 x3 reps on rings weighted
A2. Hollow Rock x10-12 reps

B. Benchmark Testing – “Nancy”
5 rounds for time; [for Cinco de Mayo]
400m run
15x OHS [95/65#]
F: KB Front Squat [15 min cap]
P: As Rx
S: 115/75#
18 min cap for P/S
from the ground