Murph is Coming! [Friday & The Weekend]

Murph is Coming! [Friday & The Weekend]

Murph is Coming! [Friday & The Weekend]

Our BIGGEST Community Event of the Year!
Monday May 25 we are hosting our 6th annual Memorial Day Murph honoring Lt. Michael P. Murphy.

We honor him and all of our Military through the Hero Workout ‘Murph’ –
1 mile Run
100x Pull Ups
200x Push Ups
300x Squats
1 mile run

We offer scaling options of
1) With a Partner!
2) ‘Smurph’ [Small Murph] = 1/2 of everything
3) Murph [Cindy Style]
4) Murph [Straight Through]

This year we’re throwing it back – we’re not going to upscale it…we’re just going to all really push ourselves mentally and physically – the same way our Military does for us every day.

There will be heats times & sign ups for all shortly.

BBQ potluck and post-wod beverages will be going down too!

-If there’s anyone not on the list please invite them as well!

-Finally – if you’ve been away from the Community for a while you’ve moved etc…this is a great time to jump back in say hi to everyone & have some food!

All are welcome! Click that you are ‘attending’ here:

———————This weekend At The Box————-

-This weekend we have a FULL SCHEDULE at the box!

-Shred-Fest is quickly becoming ‘Fusion-Like’ in its popularity! If you’re wanting to work crazy body composition gains through tempo & structural lifting…this is THE class. Saturday 9am! 

-Team/Partner WOD at 10am – have some fun with a buddy sweat in a less stressful environment and increase your aerobic capacity in these great partner workouts!

-Barbell Strength at 11am – get STRONG – get STRONGER – get Ryan House STRONG! This is the class.

Sunday – our epic Energizer [Long WOD] class at 10am brings the heat! You want a challenge? This is it!

And…our Sunday Specialty course is Rowing with our resident Row Master General Jeff!

Sunday at 11am – it’s all technique work so you can stay after the Energizer or just come out for amazing rowing instruction.


Friday’s Training:


Murph Prep;
A. 3×10; Back Squat;
working up to a heavy set of 10;
rest 2-3 min after each set
F; 30×0 tempo for 10!

B. 20 min AMRAP
100m Run;
3 Rounds of Cindy
200m Run
2 Rounds of Cindy
400m Run
1 Round of Cindy
F; 1 rounds = 3/6/9 reps
P: As rx’d [5/10/15]
S; 1 round = 2x Muscle Ups/10x Push Ups/15x Squats

Cario – Fusion [7:30am and 6:30pm!]

5 min on 2 min off x5 stations
1/3/5 = 3x Pull Ups 6x Push Ups 9x Squats
2/4 = 100m run + 10x Box Jump/Step Up +