The High Voltage Weekly: May 11-17

The High Voltage Weekly: May 11-17

The High Voltage Weekly: May 11-17

This week at the box!

1. We’re now only TWO weeks away from Memorial Day Murph! 

It’s coming up Monday May 25 – check in starts at 9:30am heats run from 10am -12pm.

We’ll have multiple Day-Care peeps on-site and scaling options for everyone!

2. Our Murph T-Shirts are almost IN! Sign up by the whiteboard & reserve your Limited Edition 2015 Murph shirt. Word on the streets is Yeezy has one…so now you know you need one too!

3. This Sunday is our Skillz Class! Coach Dan & Coach House bring a ton of knowledge to this class on different bodyweight movements & efficiency…so if you want to make sure you’re either getting closer to that Muscle Up…or saving as much energy during Murph..this is THE class for you!

4. I’m in Scottsdale AZ at the OPEX Facility getting knowledge dumped on me for my OPEX Level 2 Nutrition course. I’m super excited to bring back this top level knowledge to everyone get even more fit…and there may be something in the works for body composition measurements + nutrition coaching…stay tuned…gotta finish the next couple days up to see exactly how I can help you all – but either way I am very excited!

5. Finally – a HUGE Congrats to High Voltage Coaches Dan & Ryan Felix for completing their CF Level 2 Coaching Certification this past weekend in Del Mar!

I am very proud of these coaches leading by example and constantly improving their own knowledge base to help everyone in our Community every time you come in!

We’re always been known for our expert coaching and I’m always honored and impressed to continually be surrounded by Coaches who have more certifications AND more knowledge than most other cities combined.

I see it as a cycle – we try to learn as much as we can to help everyone get fit in return you all get more fit and knowledgeable about your fitness…and to keep up we keep pushing ourselves as coaches to find many more new ways to help you.

These ideas & concepts are much more advanced than when we started back in 2008…so we’ve each come a long way!

At the same time…at the core of this is caring and Community. We’re in this together and always ready to meet you on your journey – whether you’ve been consistent this whole time or are looking to dive back in once again – Let’s Do This!


Monday’s Training


Ax4; for quality/prep for B
A1. DB Bent Over Row x8; 31×1
F: Push Ups x6-8; good position
P: Strict if possible
S: Defecit if possible
A3. Clean Extension x3 [up AND down – work that eccentric]
F: Clean Grip DL

B. ‘Grace’ [run in heats – 8 min cap]
30x Clean & Jerk for time;
F; 3 Rounds for time;
15x Russian KBS
10x Burpee

P: Grace as rx’d [or scaled down as needed]

S: 30x Squat Clean & Jerk [155/105#]

Cardio – Fusion: 7:30am + 6:30pm; 

3 min on 1 min off x9

1. 8x Wall Ball 4x Burpees

2. 8x DB Snatch 4x V-Up

3. Row for Cal

repeat 1 more time


And coming Tuesday:

A. Back Squat x3 reps; every 2 min for 12 min
F; x5 reps; 30×1
P; x3 reps working up
S: x3 reps working up

12 min AMRAP;
200m Run
10x Pull Ups
15x Burpees
20x Wall Ball
F; Jumping Pull Ups
P; Chin or Chest to Bar
S; Muscle Ups; 5/3 [4-5 for guys 2-3 for ladies]

Fitness Only; 6:30pm! Perfect for all the peeps new to the box! 
Pre-Skill: Strict Chin Up 3×5; 31A1
Skill: Front Squat 4×5; 31×1
12 min AMRAP;
100m Run
7x Jumping Pull Ups/Ring Row
9x Burpee
11x Wall Ball