The High Voltage Weekly! May 18-24

The High Voltage Weekly! May 18-24

The High Voltage Weekly! May 18-24

This Week at the box!

1. We’re ONE WEEK out from our 6th Annual Memorial Day Murph! 

We will have a HUGE sign up board at the box where you’ll be able to get your heat & lane all set up.

Check in will be at 9:30

Heats will run 10am 10:40 and 11:20am

Then BBQ post Murph Games [maybe a couple impromptu tournaments of cornhole & feats of strength?!]

Friends & family are always welcome!

2. We are Closed this Sunday – so that means no Energizer…because you should be resting up for Memorial Day Murph!

Regular Schedule on Friday & Saturday.

3. Memorial Day Murph Shirts are almost in! 

4. A BIG Congrats to all of our Spring into Summer 24 Day Challengers!

There was so much weight lost and health gained – both from brand new peeps as well as some big breakthroughs in athletes!

Special shout out to FBO [aka Andrew Worsham] for finally passing the Firebreather’s Test on his final day of the 24 Day Challenge – huge accomplishment. Special Shout out to Coach Dizzle for getting her muscle up mojo back after her 2nd kid! Super cool! So proud of Sam & Kelby for getting summer sexy for their wedding in a few weeks! Going to be some amazing photos!!! I could go on & on [obviously] but we’re very proud of everyone who takes on this difficult challenge!


Monday’s Training:


A. Squat Clean;

one rep every 90 sec for 12 min

F; 3x Hang Power Clean + 3x Front Squat

P/S;Find 1RM

B. Max Rep Squat Clean – Touch & Go at 75% of 1RM

F;  1 more set for quality of A.

P/S; one attempt for max reps.

C. 8 min AMRAP

100m Sprint

5x Hang Power Clean

F; 10x KB Swing

P: 135/95 – adjust as needed]

S: 185/125#]

10x Burpee

Fusion: 7:30am + 6:30pm

6 min on 2 min off x4 [aerobic/gymnastics]

Simple WOD…goal is to not stop!

1&3; 20x Walking Lunge Steps + 5x Toes to bar

2&4: 100m Sprint + 10x KB Swing


And coming Tuesday: 


A. Skill warm up;

HSPU work & Muscle Up transitions

Goal is to get warm not to burn out…

B. “Jackie” for time:
1k Row
50x Thruster [45/33]
30x Pull Ups

Fitness Only [630pm]

Skill: Rowing/Thruster instruction

WOD: “Jackie”

1k Row

50x Thruster [db or bb]

30x Pull Up [sub to ring row]