Guest blog with Coach Ryan Felix!

Guest blog with Coach Ryan Felix!

Guest blog with Coach Ryan Felix!

Today we have a guest blog from Coach Ryan Felix that is a great companion to our new training cycle.  We will be seeing many variations in our strength program including tempo, clusters, emoms, and volume training.

With increased volume comes a greater demand on our muscles.  High weight sets are generally less reps and will tax our CNS (central nervous system), which doesn’t always necessarily lead to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that we generally see peak at 24-48 hours.
With volume however, there are many more sets and reps.  This is where that “good sore” comes from.  Help yourself out by making sure you warm-up AND recover properly by reading what Coach Felix has to say.

“Due to the increase in volume and as this cycle progresses over the next 8 weeks, I wanted to share with you guys a great warm-up routine that I have incorporated in my personal warm-ups and you can maybe incorporate before class starts.

You may have already seen some of these movements in classes I coach, but I just wanted to share where some of these have come from. Also, I personally like to add the Pigeon Stretch to finish out the “Agile 8 Warm-Up Routine”, especially on days where there is deadlifting.

Fun Fact: The instructor in the video also happens to be the same Head Instructor I had at my CrossFit Level 1 Certification. Boom!

Hope you enjoy the video.

April Challenge:

As previously stated, each month we will have a gym-wide monthly challenge that coincides with our training and bi-monthly events.  MURPH is coming up at the end of May on Memorial Day, so both from the next two months are geared toward getting your ready.

This month works as follows:

  1. Some time this week do a TABATA of push-ups. (:20 on / :10 off x 8 rounds).
  2. Add up your total push-ups and divide by the total rounds (i.e: 40 push-ups / 8 rounds = 5 average)
  3. 2-3x per week, complete a TABATA of push-ups doing only that many reps for each round.
  4. Add 1 rep to each round, each week!