Where are you at in your Journey? with Coach Dizzle!

Today’s Coach guest blog comes from Coach Dizzle.  As we all at CFHV head into starting our training cycle back at the basics, others in the CF community are looking to up their game at Regionals. What she shares is a thoughtful look back at the journey along the way.

“Every year there are always a few moments that really stand out. I was thinking about this season of the Open and I have three special moments. What is also special about these moments is that they are so uniquely different- Three very different athletes at very different points in their CrossFit careers. 

First favorite memory was watching Hayley do 17.3. It’s always fun and exciting to watch someone at that level. Hayley never gives up and she puts everything into all she does. There was so much energy in that room. It was definitely inspiring watching her performance and seeing her head to Regionals. 

It was also inspiring watching Andrea do 17.3. She debated scaling the WOD because she had never done a chest to bar pull up. Her goal this year though was to do all the WODs RX, so she agreed to give it a try. Not only did she get her first chest to bar pull up, she got multiple chest to bar pull ups. It was so fun watching her and the look of shock as she completed her reps. 

Last but not least was watching Ana do 17.4. Her one rep max deadlift is just slightly above the RX weight of 155#. That weight is heavy! I struggled to do that weight 55 times so watching Ana complete all the deadlifts was very inspiring. It was also touching to see the community get behind all these athletes. 

This has always been the reason why I love the CrossFit. It can definitely be frustrating and expose our weaknesses but it also shows no matter where we are in our journey we can grow. It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal with proper training those goals can be achieved!